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Meal-prep firm targets dieters

CARY – Residents short on time have headed to the meal preparation companies that sprouted up in the county in recent years.

Now the diet-minded can head there, too.

Magnificent Meals, a Cary-based meal preparation company, plans to launch a six-week weight-loss program in January.

The new program of healthy cooking, nutritional counseling and exercise comes courtesy of the company’s full-time director of nutrition, Monica Michalsky, a licensed, registered dietician.

“We felt there was a market for it,” Michalsky said.

Many of the customers who regularly go to Magnificent Meals for their ready-to-prepare meal offerings have a desire to eat healthier and avoid fast food, she said.

“It’s getting to a point now where people just don’t know how to cook anymore,” she said.

Although the program has drawn comparisons to the fast-growing Illinois company Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, Michalsky said the plans are different, largely because Magnificent Meals bases its recipes and eating plans on everyday foods that could be found at the supermarket and cooked at home.

A weight-loss program might seem unusual coming from a company that makes money selling Butter Pecan Chicken and Pork Roast with Cherry Almond Sauce, but Michalsky is on staff to help customers make low-fat or vegetarian versions of the menu dishes all year.

Nutritional information also is available for many of the company’s meals.

Other meal-preparation companies have made efforts to appeal to health-minded customers. Dinner By Design, which has outposts in Crystal Lake and Algonquin, offers low-fat and low-carb dishes on its menus.

Earlier this year, Dinner By Design announced a recipe-sharing partnership with Cooking Light, a magazine that cuts calories and fat from recipes.

Magnificent Meals’ six-week program, which costs $250 plus $40 a week for food, will meet for two hours a night, one night each week. Customers will be given weekly weigh-ins, nutritional coaching, and then prepare their dinner entrees for the week. A supermarket tour is included, along with a two-month membership to any Cardinal Fitness location.

Michalsky said she also would offer advice and ideas for breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

“I’ll be there for any questions they may have, via phone or email,” she said. “It’s constant. They have to constantly be thinking about it … be held accountable.”

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