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Cooking, Henry Ford-style

Cooking, Henry Ford-style

From Financial Times

“Like most Americans, I was brought up thinking of food as fuel: something that should be prepared and consumed as quickly as possible – an unfortunate distraction from the hard work of living.

Now I demand much more of my meals – but I have even less time to cook them. As a single parent, part-time commuter and full-time wage slave, my dinner options on the average workday are limited: we can have leftovers or we can have cereal. Every weekend, I cook up a big pot of something that keeps well (curry, or tuna-noodle casserole) and we eat that as long as we can stand it. By Friday, Cheerios and red wine sounds more appealing.”

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As meal prep booms, a shakeout looms

As meal prep booms, a shakeout looms

“People are starving each other out,” says an Oldsmar entrepreneur. Nationwide, average store revenues leave little after rent and expenses.

An older article that actually seems to get it right.

The Meal Blogger


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Meal Assembly Competition on NBC

Not too long ago, NBC did a segment to compare a few of the meal assembly franchises. Let’s Dish and Dream Dinners are featured in this one. Both stores came on to prepare dishes that represented great flavor, easy to assemble and affordable.

After the meals were prepared the hosts of the show tried the dishes and gave their opinions.

You can read the article and see the video of the food being prepared here:

A complimentary article can be found here:

Meal-prep competition heats up

As published in: Franchise Times – February 2007

“The empty store is hospital clean in the mid-afternoon of a December day, as Kate Tennessen, a Supper Thyme franchisee in Minnetonka, Minn., waits for scheduled clients to show. Interrupting the quiet, a man walks in and asks what the store sells. She answers his questions, he responds with a grunt, and walks out.

“I get a lot of that,” she says, adding that men typically don’t understand the concept of a meal-preparation business, where customers prepare meals to take home, freeze and cook at a later date. “They’ll come in and try to order something to go.” “

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Meal Assembly – A New Marketing Platform for Brands

A very good and lengthy discussion about the industry. <requires registration>
“Meal Assembly – A New Marketing Platform for Brands

New types of retail store formats pop up all the time, but of the concepts of the past few years claiming to be truly unique, meal assembly centers may actually have a point to make. In a sense taking the middle ground between grocers and restaurants, at meal assembly centers, customers follow simple recipes, putting together pre-cut and per-measured ingredients provided by the center; then bringing the fully assembled meals home for final heating and serving, or to be frozen for later use.

There are social and even educational aspects involved with the center environments that are more akin to cooking classes than food shopping or buying take-out. And based on this week’s announced pairing of Kraft Foods with Illinois-based Dinner by Design, the meal assembly business may demonstrate some interesting brand marketing talents as well.”

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