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Dream Dinners Franchise Advisory Council Applauds New CEO

It’s actually hard to decipher some of these comments since it seems those associated with Dream Dinners have immersed themselves in the political process and have adapted the fine art of stringing all sorts of exciting words together, but at the same time not actually saying anything meaningful or coherent. Dream Dinners is on the right track now that they have substantially cut down on their staff. Franchisees need to keep their heads down and focus. But focus on what? They have a powerful new task force that does something – apparently disagreeing with Darin for the most part, but what issues are they referring to? Also, it would be interesting to know what initiatives they have actually put into action that have helped increase sales and revenue. Again, you there is just a lot of the “if you think positively then positive things will happen”. Wishful thinking doesn’t pay the bills. Your bankruptcy attorney isn’t going to accept payment in nice thoughts.

Apparently people who are suing based on false or misleading information are simply speaking their mind because something didn’t go well. Guilmette is only aware of her situation in regards to the earnings, but if you read carefully she doesn’t in anyway deny the claims made. But again, she feels you can’t be upset about going bankrupt, you need to put on a happy face in order to be prosperous.

While Michele will wax poetic on how helpful, understanding, and reachable Darin is, let’s not forget that it wasn’t too long ago that the discussion forum the owners were using was disbanded due to owners speaking their minds a little too much. Then threats were apparently leveled against those who would move to another venue and speak their minds on this site or any other for that matter. Further there is the ominous sounding “We know who is behind the Meal Assembly Watch website, and we understand their motive. Although I can’t get into it because we are currently pursuing it in other ways, we know that there is a mission there.” For someone who doesn’t concern themselves with the negative comments of others it seems Darin is spending quite a bit of time keeping owners quiet and putting layers between himself and their grievances.

Just to speak to the point, the “motive” of this site is to provide owners (franchise and independent) a place to speak about their meal assembly experience and to give advice to each other about the problems they face and the successes they’ve had. While I’m flattered you would single me out, let’s not forget that everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone is free to speak their mind as it pertains to their own situation.

SNOHOMISH, Wash. (Blue MauMau) – Michele Guilmette, co-president of the Dream Dinners Franchisee Advisory Council, expressed in an interview last week that CEO Darin Leonard has been a positive addition to the company in moving the company forward. “I call him my blessing. He’s an amazing CEO. He has gotten out of the home office what he needs and that has really helped us in the field.” Since Leonard came on board, Guilmette said that the company has trimmed the home office substantially. “Darin has fine tuned roles and established goals. Since he has been with us I think the business is on the right path, trending towards growth,” she added.

Guilmette doesn’t deny that franchise owners are somewhat concerned about their future with the economy being what it is today. She said, “Franchisees are cautiously optimistic right now.” With the economy down and the news so negative, she said it is hard to watch the news and not be worried about the franchisee’s situation. But as a whole, she feels franchise owners have to concentrate on the things that are going to positively affect business. “In our industry I think a lot of companies veered off in other areas that weren’t necessarily the best choices for their business models. We’ve been hesitant in doing that because, luckily, upper management hasn’t allowed us to change our original model,” she explained.

Dream Dinners Franchise Advisory Council Applauds New CEO | Franchise News

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Dream Dinners CEO comments on updated lawsuit

There is certainly nothing unexpected in this comment, but the one thing to note is the number of stores Dream Dinners claims they currently open. Their 180 stores figure is certainly down from the nearly 240 stores they have previously said are open.

And I wonder how many of those supposed 180 store owners enjoy an excellent relationship with Dream Dinners?

Dream Dinners is proud of the excellent relationship it enjoys with its 180 franchisees. We are the industry leader because they are hard-working, innovative and loyal. The current litigation involves less than 10% of our franchisees and we obviously cannot comment on the specifics of the allegations of a few disgruntled former franchisees. We look forward to vigorously defending against their allegations in a court of law and expect to prevail on the merits.

Dream Dinners CEO Responds to Latest Litigation

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Dream Dinners, Attorneys Sued for Illegal Earnings Claims, Violation of Washington Franchise Act

Dream Dinners may have really stepped in it this time! From the way I read this, the UFOC and other documentation regarding earnings and financial claims were misleading and those involved both for Dream Dinners and the attorneys who approved the documents knew it. It sort of makes you think that Stephanie and Tina knew the idea wouldn’t work out in the long run, but decided to sell franchises anyway.

“The lawsuit claims that Bender knew or should have known that prospective franchisees were receiving materially false, incomplete and misleading information regarding the franchise opportunity, and that he was a “person in act of control of the activities” of the franchisor.

SNOHOMISH, Wash. (Blue MauMau) – In building a meal preparation business on the notion of making life easier for families, founders Stephanie Allen and Tina Kuna proclaim on their Dream Dinners’ website, “To glorify God, we help people enjoy wholesome, nutritious, quality meals they prepare while having fun.” But two franchisees in Springfield, Ohio have had anything but fun since buying their franchise in 2005. They are suing the franchisor and now its attorneys for violation of the Washington Franchise Investment Protection Act and breach of contract.

Dream Dinners, Attorneys Sued for Illegal Earnings Claims, Violation of Washington Franchise Act

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Make & Take, franchisees battle in court

There are several parts to this article which are distressing.

Sadly, the earnings claim is nothing new. This has been raised by many owners and is certainly at the heart of the lawsuit against Dream Dinners. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of these as time goes by.

And I’m sure we’ve all come to expect that franchisors don’t think they can ever do anything wrong and when owners lose millions that it’s their own fault and legal action is frivolous.

But what about this claim that Make & Take wasn’t even licensed to sell franchises? That certainly makes me curious. More than just overselling your product, that kind of behavior is downright illegal. There are allegations they even circumvented the laws just so they could sell franchises.

“In addition, Einbinder says, Make & Take was not registered with the state to sell franchises when it dealt with the franchisees in the lawsuit.”

SYRACUSE – Three former franchisees of Make & Take Gourmet say they lost large sums of money on their stores after receiving false information concerning potential earnings from the company.

The franchisees are owners of former Make & Take locations in Camillus, Baldwinsville, and Clifton Park (in the Albany-Schenectady area). All three stores closed earlier this year.

The franchisees’ accusations are included in a lawsuit they filed against Make and Take Gourmet Holding, LLC and the company’s owners, Michele and David Bellso. The group filed the suit in June in Onondaga County State Supreme Court.

CNYBJ: Make & Take, franchisees battle in court

Make & Take Gourmet Franchise Lawsuit: Failed Franchise Owners Allege Fraud

This might have something to do with why Make & Take Gourmet is selling off their store. Perhaps they need the money to pay some legal fees, or they need to jettison the baggage so they can make a quick getaway before legal troubles bring them down.

Three failed franchise groups are suing the franchisor of Make & Take Gourmet and its attorney.

The groups include franchisees Shawn & Lisa Tyszka, of Syracuse, NY, owners of the now-closed Camillus, NY Make & Take Gourmet franchise; Eugene & Cheryl Grenga of Liverpool, NY, owners of the now-closed Baldwinsville, NY Make & Take Gourmet franchise; and Brian & Lisa Clark of Clifton Park, NY, owners of the now-closed Clifton Park, NY Make & Take Gourmet franchise.

The three groups allege that Make & Take Gourmet, owned by Michele and Dave Bellso, made illegal earnings claims, sold unregistered franchises, and violated franchise disclosure laws.

MAKE & TAKE GOURMET FRANCHISE LAWSUIT: Failed Franchise Owners Allege Fraud

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