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Costs Could Thwart Home-Cooking Trend

U.S. consumers will pay 6 percent more this year to prepare a classic Thanksgiving dinner, reports United Press International (UPI). In a news release, Purdue University agricultural economist Corinne Alexander told UPI that higher food prices reflect the higher energy costs being absorbed by retailers.

While market research firms noticed a national trend of people preparing food at home to save money in recent months, home cooks could be deterred by higher prices on even the most basic of Thanksgiving Day dinner items. The Washington Post provides an item-by-item breakdown; a pound of peas is 12 cents more than last year, and a 16-pound turkey is up $1.46, for example.

Costs Could Thwart Home-Cooking Trend

Grocers See Popularity of Homemade Meals Grow

Grocery stores say they’ve seen the popularity of their prepared foods grow as consumers try to save time, money and sometimes calories. And the economic downturn has helped boost the trend as folks trade down from restaurants to dinner at home. So grocers are boosting the selections in response to people’s growing appetite for prepared foods.

Grocers See Popularity of Homemade Meals Grow

Publix spices up recipe with Lithia meal-preparation store

It’s almost hard to keep up with the articles being written about this Publix offering. But I have to agree with the comment that meal prep is “an industry still trying to figure itself out”.

The idea of meal assembly grocery stores merging has been discussed for months now. Will the closing of other stand alone MA stores allow a grocery backed venture to find a market or will they follow the same path of short term interest, but then fade into obscurity? Will the dropping away of competition give them a foothold?

A lot of eyes are focused on the Lakeland-based chain’s first stand-alone store that opens Thursday at FishHawk Crossing shopping center. It’s part two of a test that began last October with a meal-assembly shop in a Jacksonville supermarket.

“Publix will help define an industry still trying to figure itself out,” said Gary Karp, executive vice president of Technomic Inc., a Chicago research firm. A few grocers have similar experiments: a pair of South Carolina Piggly Wigglys and local chains in St. Louis and Philadelphia.

Publix spices up recipe with Lithia meal-preparation store

Food prices to remain high despite worldwide record wheat crop

TORONTO – Groups such as the Canadian Wheat Board and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are predicting a record wheat crop worldwide this year, but warning prices will remain high

The higher quality wheats, used to make bread and pasta, are also in short supply and likely to remain high.

Over the past decade, the price of bread has increased by 87 per cent,
going from an average of $1.30 in’98 to $2.43 per loaf, according to a
recent study done by the Ontario Association of Food Banks.

Winnipeg Free Press

Food costs will only increase from here

Not exactly good news as we see a touch of relief in the price of gas…

NEW YORK — As prices for crude oil and other commodities ease, consumers have gotten a small dose of relief at the gas pump. But don’t expect less pain at the grocery counter.

Food inflation is here to stay — and will probably get worse for some things.

“As long as we’re in this world of expensive oil and commodities, the prices that you’re seeing now in the grocery shelves are not going away,” said Ephraim Leibtag, an economist with the U.S. Agriculture Department who tracks retail food prices.

The Money Squeeze: Food costs will only increase from here

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