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The conversion has begun

If something doesn’t load correctly or simply doesn’t look right, that’s probably just me working in the background. I changing things around and making changes to all the names and links. It might cause the page to load slowly or maybe not at all. Fear not, it’s merely temporary and unless I’ve pushed the wrong button everything should come back in a minute or two.

This should take a day or two and you should barely notice I’ve done anything. Just remember update your links to WWW.MEALASSEMBLYWATCH.NET

All good things must come to an end

MealAssemblyWatch has been running steady and strong since 2007. But as we all know nothing last forever. (How’s that for a dramatic intro?) A situation has developed with the site that makes it necessary for me to change its name. Truth be told, I never actually owned the parent .COM domain name. The owner of that domain name and I have gone our separate ways and as such MealAssemblyWatch needs a new name. It actuality it’s not that big of a deal, but it does require some participation on your part. The site will stay exactly where it is, will continue to look the same as it does (until I give it a fresh coat of paint later this year), but will now be known by the ever so slightly different name of:


As of October 31 (Halloween night of all things) will no longer be valid. You will need to update your bookmarks, links or whatever else you use to get here to include the .NET name at the end of the address.

It’s a simple, but important change. All you need to do is update your links and everything else will stay the same.

I’ll try to give more details and backstory in the upcoming weeks.

Dinner Zen To Close in May

I’m very disappointed to report this one…

Dinner Zen, the locally owned dinner assembly store at South Lakes Village Center, will close its doors in May.

Dinner Zen To Close in May

Proving once again the Meal Assembly business just doesn’t work

This article proves once again that the meal assembly business just doesn’t work and that when times get tough people will drop this service in the blink of an eye. People are a fickle lot and if spend all your time trying to cater to every need you’ll never accomplish anything.

“The concept is still needed and the survivors are starting to do better as the economy turns around,” Vermeulen says. Been saying that for 3 years now I think it’s time to give up on this mantra. This is a dead industry and you’d have better odds making money through gambling than off a meal prep kitchen.


Cena owners reinvent make-ahead meal service into dinner delivery

Meal Assembly – The Long Slow Grind into Oblivion

A quick check of the tote board shows, unsurprisingly, another drop in the number of Super Suppers and Dream Dinners stores that have actually remained open.

Leading us off, Super Suppers drops to just 35 stores that still remain open across the country. Let us not forget that according to some numbers, Super Suppers may have had as many as 235 stores open in their hay day. A big of a fall from grace there I’m afraid.

Dream Dinners is also in a slump and is slowly but surely working their way to having less than 100 stores open. Best guess says they have around 109 still operating. Just like Super Suppers, they used to have nearly 235 stores operating when they were in full swing. Their failure rate is certainly tipping the scales at well over 50%. Not a good investment no matter how you look at it.

And across the nation the actual number of meal prep companies and the total number of stores still continue to drop. 20 more companies sobered up and realized there is money to be somewhere else. And with them they shut down over 60 stores. Only a 1/3 of the stores (out of the 1500 that were once open) are still out there.

I’m sure the numbers are still dropping and will continue to do so throughout the year.

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