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The lights were off and no one was home (just like at HQ)

I drove past a Dream Dinners store last night at 6pm and the place was dark and locked up tight. It didn’t look like anyone had been there all day. Funny, it used to be people came out on Friday nights with bottles of wine and put meals together.

Act now and get customer recipes from Dream Dinners

I find these recipe contests that Dream Dinners holds to be incredibly ironic as well as moronic. It’s ironic that they try to get recipes out of a customer base that admits to being kitchen and cooking hostile. They have no time to make meals for themselves and in many cases they lack the skills, yet Dream Dinners wants them to hand over recipes so they can increase their own menu because it’s cheaper than hiring an actual chef and they fired everyone who held the position previously. Or that person ran away, it’s hard to say sometimes.

The other part I find funny is that almost all the recipes come from someone’s grandmother. It’s not a recipe the person submitting developed, nor is it a recipe they normally prepare for themselves – because they don’t have time. It’s something they wish they could make so they send it off in hopes of winning a few bucks worth of canned food.

It’s sort of sad that the ability to cook, and by that I mean follow directions on a label or from a book, has come to a screeching halt. But yet there are more cooking shows, cookbooks and cooking competitions around than ever before. Interesting how that worked out.

But in the name of recycling and lowering costs, Dream Dinners is cutting costs, getting other people to do their work and is now offering their contest winning recipes as part of their menu. Funny how that works out. If only there were another place you could to go get an almost endless supply of user submitted recipes for free …

Dream Dinners, lawyers settle legal nightmare with franchisees

This is the first time I’ve gotten around to reading this article and I have to say it’s pretty darn interesting. It doesn’t give many details but that alone is telling.

Now, this is only my opinion but it does look like both Dream Dinners and their attorneys got caught doing some shady business, but due to all the finger pointing nobody was sure who actually caused all the problems. I really get the sense that Dream Dinners did let loose with some financial figures and that the attorneys either didn’t stop them or didn’t know any better (either way is pretty slack). It also looks like they all wanted to sweep this under the rug since not only were the previous legal house’s names being bandied about but also their new employers. (You’d have to think that was leaving a stink around the office.)

No guilt was admitted, but the way I read all the blame going around guilt was certainly hanging in the air. I’m not sure why it took so long to actually settle this mess, but that alone leads me to believe there was a lot more going on than meets the eye.

I certainly hope the owners walked away with something. By the look of it some money exchanged hands even if the attorneys had to foot the bill.

I would love to know more of the details, but in the end we all know what kind of companies we’re dealing with and what they’re capable of.

Dream Dinners, lawyers settle legal nightmare with franchisees

Meal Assembly – The Long Slow Grind into Oblivion

A quick check of the tote board shows, unsurprisingly, another drop in the number of Super Suppers and Dream Dinners stores that have actually remained open.

Leading us off, Super Suppers drops to just 35 stores that still remain open across the country. Let us not forget that according to some numbers, Super Suppers may have had as many as 235 stores open in their hay day. A big of a fall from grace there I’m afraid.

Dream Dinners is also in a slump and is slowly but surely working their way to having less than 100 stores open. Best guess says they have around 109 still operating. Just like Super Suppers, they used to have nearly 235 stores operating when they were in full swing. Their failure rate is certainly tipping the scales at well over 50%. Not a good investment no matter how you look at it.

And across the nation the actual number of meal prep companies and the total number of stores still continue to drop. 20 more companies sobered up and realized there is money to be somewhere else. And with them they shut down over 60 stores. Only a 1/3 of the stores (out of the 1500 that were once open) are still out there.

I’m sure the numbers are still dropping and will continue to do so throughout the year.

Dream Dinners is running another recipe contest

I guess Dream Dinners is running low on recipes so they’ve launched another recipe contest. This is such a great idea. Dream Dinners spends a mere $500, far cheaper than actually hiring a chef or development team of their own, and they get dozens, perhaps even hundreds of people to submit recipes they can rip-off and call their own. As they state, their best recipes come from their customers.

I still find it ironic as hell that people who are too busy to cook for themselves seem to have all these recipes lying around that they’re willing to hand over to a company for some free food.

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