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Dinner by Design Announces Expansion in Missouri and Southern Illinois

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ — Dinner by Design, the largest meal assembly company in the Midwest, today unveiled plans to expand in Missouri and Southern Illinois.

Dinner by Design has identified more than 20 exclusive franchise territories in Missouri and Southern Illinois including metropolitan St. Louis, St. Charles, Springfield, Columbia, Kansas City, Belleview and Edwardsville.

According to company president and CEO John Matthews, Dinner by Design’s ability to bring families back to the dinner table with healthy, convenient dinners is well matched with the demographics in many Missouri and Southern Illinois communities.

“Dinner by Design has the #1 meal assembly brand name in the Midwest,” said Matthews. “Our business model is different from all others in the industry. It’s all about convenience and a healthy alternative for busy people, all for around $3 to $4 a serving, less than many fast food options,” said Matthews.

At Dinner by Design, customers enjoy the convenience of healthy, personally made dinners without the stress, mess, shopping and cleanup. Entrees, side dishes and desserts are made to order and available for pick-up or group delivery to local companies, schools and daycares. For people who enjoy the experience, in-kitchen meal assembly sessions, fundraising events and private parties are also offered.

Dinner by Design focuses on the company’s quality of food, operational excellence, customer satisfaction and value-added benefits to customers like the corporate and group delivery. In fact, Dinner by Design was named “Best Food” among all meal assembly companies in an independent comparison study.

Dinner by Design offers an attractive package for owners in Missouri and Southern Illinois including exclusive territories, site selection assistance as well as start up, training and marketing support, innovative technology and menu development.

Dinner by Design has nearly 60 locations opened, and agreements for another 40 kitchens in the U.S. and Canada.

The Business Times Daily called Dinner by Design “one of the hottest new retail franchise sensations sweeping the nation” and Entrepreneur Magazine named Dinner by Design and this market segment one of the “Hot 29 Businesses to Start.”

Press Release

Dinners Ready Lands In Vancouver, B.C.

Right from the Dinners Ready website:

We are pleased to announce that Dinners Ready will open its first location in Canada. The new Vancouver location is the first international kitchen of our planned expansion. Now our Canadian friends will be able to enjoy restaurant quality meals at an affordable price just as their neighbors to the south do today! We will announce the Grand Opening soon, so stay tuned!

Ready, steady, cook

Meal assembly has crossed the pond to the UK

“Like most people, I shop a great diet. Antioxidant-packed fruit? Check. Rainbow-coloured fresh veg? Check. Organic fish and meat? Check. Trouble is, cooking the food is a different story. How often have you watched it languish in the fridge during a hectic week of unhealthy ready meals, lunch at the desk or restaurant food? I hold up my hands and admit that I belong to one of those typical British households that throws away a third of the food it buys. “

The Meal Blogger

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Cooking, Henry Ford-style

Cooking, Henry Ford-style

From Financial Times

“Like most Americans, I was brought up thinking of food as fuel: something that should be prepared and consumed as quickly as possible – an unfortunate distraction from the hard work of living.

Now I demand much more of my meals – but I have even less time to cook them. As a single parent, part-time commuter and full-time wage slave, my dinner options on the average workday are limited: we can have leftovers or we can have cereal. Every weekend, I cook up a big pot of something that keeps well (curry, or tuna-noodle casserole) and we eat that as long as we can stand it. By Friday, Cheerios and red wine sounds more appealing.”

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As meal prep booms, a shakeout looms

As meal prep booms, a shakeout looms

“People are starving each other out,” says an Oldsmar entrepreneur. Nationwide, average store revenues leave little after rent and expenses.

An older article that actually seems to get it right.

The Meal Blogger


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