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Dinner for Life – Now with ridiculous membership fees

Has anyone actually gone to look at the Dinners for Life enrollment terms? I have seen several articles pop up stating customers can get a discount on this enrollment? Enrollment? Who the heck would pay extra money to go in and make meals at a Dream Dinners location? What the devil does this extra money pay for? From what I read you are just paying to access their site and use their recipes? What kind of charge is that?

"When placing an order with Dinners for Life you will need to enroll in our program which will allow you access to our menu and other resources that may come available."

Guest Enrollment Agreement

Accessing their menu now comes at a cost! Of $49.95! And go ahead and read that last line again – "resources which MAY become available." For $50 you MIGHT get something useful – in about 6 months if Dream Dinners lasts that long and doesn’t go bankrupt.

Further, if you read the fine print, if customers fail to come back to Dream Dinners with the specified time period (a 60-day period and as we all know most customers no longer attend every month or even every third month), they will charge you another enrollment fee when you place your next order. Stick it to me one more time!

So this service, which may or may not exist, but sounds like it’s no different than what the regular Dream Dinners offers, comes with extra charges, and if you fail to keep ordering their meals (which most people do) they will gouge you for another membership fee the next time you place an order.

How can you possibly justify charging a membership or enrollment fee? This business is going completely into the crapper and the answer to enticing people to come in is to stick it to them with fees that don’t do anything or serve any real purpose. That is certainly thinking ahead and giving customers what they ask for, useless fees! Especially in these economic times this idea doesn’t make any sense at all.

Stay classy Dream Dinners! You certainly know how to give customers what they want. I’m have no doubt customers will eat this one up!

Dinners for Life Exhibiting at Diabetic Conferences

A few months ago, we posted about Dinners for Life – the new healthy eating program for diabetics looking for easy to prepare meals that meet their special dietary requirements. Now, Dream Dinners is hitting the road with Dinners for Life and will be exhibiting today (8/6) thru Saturday at the American Association of Diabetes Educators 36th Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA.

It’s also worth noting from the AADE website:
Dinners for Life, a division of Dream Dinners, Inc.

Company Description:

Dinners for Life dietitian-approved, portion-controlled dinners are healthy, taste great and designed to promote the management of diabetes. Dinner for life is a subsidiary of Dream Dinners, Inc., the originator and leader in the meal assembly industry.

Dinners for Life Exhibiting at Diabetic Conferences

Dream Dinners creates Dinners for Life

In April of last year Dream Dinners had the idea of offering meals that were targeted toward the “diabetic” group. Originally they offered 6 menu items to help those with a more specialized diet.

Now Dream Dinners is spinning the idea off as its own separate entity. As of yesterday they launched Dinners for Life, a rebranding of their current offering which focuses exclusively on creating meals that fit in to a diabetic meal plan.

An interesting idea to be sure, but a quick glance at the meals offered at the Dinners for Life site and those offered at Dream Dinners shows a menu that is almost identical. The lineup is basically the same with the choice of rice being the only real noticeable change between meals. It’s a fine idea to offer this kind of menu, but since the stores are offering the same menu items is this really a whole new concept?

Also, it seems that only a few stores have decided to participate so far. Out of the 166 stores Dream Dinners currently has, only 5 stores from 3 states are listed on the Dinners for Life site. It could just be that the site really isn’t quite done or Dream Dinners is just a little behind in getting the stores listed, but obviously the number of participating stores is pretty low so far.

Of course my first question is how much is this new branding idea going to cost the current store owners? Since this is obviously a separate site and isn’t just listing additional meals on the main site like it used to, and the fact that only a few stores are currently listed for this new offering, I assume there has to be a cost involved. Will stores just get to roll this out as part of their offering or do they need to pony up some money so they can get the Dinners for Life logo attached to their stores and get listed on the site? Is this an optional rebranding or do you get hit with a breach of contract if you don’t play along? Or is this new site just a marketing tool and owners will get all the benefit of it without having to do anything or spend any money?

Again, it seems like a neat idea, but is this too narrow a niche for it to be profitable? And is it worth spinning off a whole new site and brand for something that originally was sidecar to the main site. Also, since the menu offerings are virtually identical between the sites, is there enough variety for this new Dinners for Life to sustain itself?

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