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Dream Dinners Supper Bowl

I assume this over the top brilliant marketing ploy generating an overwhelming number of new guest signups for stores? Admittedly, this actually wasn’t that bad an idea. It’ll be interesting to see if this carries through to more people using the service especially in an economy that is still having some serious problems.

It’s certainly more than what Super Suppers did, right? Ironic since Super Suppers is actually located in Texas…

Meal Assembly – The Long Slow Grind into Oblivion

A quick check of the tote board shows, unsurprisingly, another drop in the number of Super Suppers and Dream Dinners stores that have actually remained open.

Leading us off, Super Suppers drops to just 35 stores that still remain open across the country. Let us not forget that according to some numbers, Super Suppers may have had as many as 235 stores open in their hay day. A big of a fall from grace there I’m afraid.

Dream Dinners is also in a slump and is slowly but surely working their way to having less than 100 stores open. Best guess says they have around 109 still operating. Just like Super Suppers, they used to have nearly 235 stores operating when they were in full swing. Their failure rate is certainly tipping the scales at well over 50%. Not a good investment no matter how you look at it.

And across the nation the actual number of meal prep companies and the total number of stores still continue to drop. 20 more companies sobered up and realized there is money to be somewhere else. And with them they shut down over 60 stores. Only a 1/3 of the stores (out of the 1500 that were once open) are still out there.

I’m sure the numbers are still dropping and will continue to do so throughout the year.

And we’re back

My goodness it’s been quite some time hasn’t it? This place has gotten right dusty with the neglect that’s been going on. But not to worry I’m still hovering on the fringes and have been keeping an eye on the place. Quite frankly I’ve been extremely busy with regular work. Gaining traction back in Corporate America has been a challenge, but I did manage to get with a decent small company and have been building a presence without going overboard. How is everyone else finding the regular working class after having your own business? There are certainly a lot of questions that people ask but honestly I much prefer things this way. Being a small cog in the machine is actually good thing a lot of the time.

I have been watching the meal assembly and restaurant landscape even though I haven’t been making any comments on it. Most restaurants seem to be struggling. I’ve watched multiple food places shut down in the past few months and the cost of food just keeps on climbing. And how about those gas prices?

We’ll get to all those kinds of things in the near future. I guess the main question to ask is, how is everyone doing out there? How is the meal assembly business from the trenches? Now that so many have disappeared has the customer base improved or is it still a shrinking market?

Pizza Hut sees $7M in sales from iPhone app

Here’s a smart use of technology that has generated in a nice boost to sales. I’m sure a few companies out there could learn a thing or two about this sort of marketing and use of business tools.

I seem to recall someone mentioning a year ago that this would be a big seller… I wonder who that was? But alas, some companies will always be a day late and a dollar short.

Pizza Hut’s almost year-old iPhone app has generated up to $7 million in sales and is now serving as a model for other restaurants trying to quickly move into the smartphone space.

Read more: Pizza Hut sees $7M in sales from iPhone app – Dallas Business Journal

Are you doing a brisk business?

We all know that meal assembly was supposed to conquer Canada. That didn’t quite happen, but it seems they may be just as susceptible to faux media hype as everyone else. I was just reading an article about a store up North that was doing brisk business in an industry that was just perfect for the owners.

I found one of the comments interesting:

Business has been brisk. Sales grew by 17% on a month-to-month basis in their first year of operation. Their customer base now numbers approximately 4,000 and they estimate they sell between 300 and 350 meals per week.

I suppose in these economic times anything more than 10 customers a month would be considered brisk, however when you calculate this out, 300 meals a week is about 50 customers (if they all bought 6 meals each) or around 200 customers a month. Of course, if all those were 12 meal packages it would be about 100 customers a month.

I guess that’s better than some, but not to be rude, I would hardly call that brisk. To be honest, I would see that as barely keeping above water. I really don’t see how you can pay off all your bills and have money left over for yourself with these figures. Again, there are plenty of jobs out there where you can work less and make $40k a year so if meal assembly isn’t making more than that for you it’s a dud business. At this rate I certainly don’t see the owners (and there’s two of them) making $40k a year each. Where’s the retirement plan?

And there’s quotes like this:

"You just need that one good idea to start a business and this one was it for us,"


I wish they would have kept looking.

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