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Super Suppers dishes up a special offer in honor of Disney•Pixar’s animated-comedy ‘Ratatouille’

I know, already mentioned on this site, but this article has a bit more info in it.

“Super Suppers – the nation’s leading meal-assembly franchise company – is putting a savory spin on the summer’s most mouth-watering animated-comedy, Disney•Pixar’s “Ratatouille,” which hit theaters on June 29.

Movie-goers can bring a “Ratatouille” ticket stub to any participating Super Suppers location across the country and receive a free regular-size Baked Chicken and Bowties entrée. The offer will end on July 31 and will be limited to one entrée per family.

Advertising and literature promoting the offer began in-store at all participating Super Suppers locations on June 18 and all out-of-store promotions will began on July 1.

“We are very excited about this promotional program with Super Suppers and Disney•Pixar,” says Leslie Reed, vice president of marketing for Super Suppers. “We believe the partnership will be a great incentive for families to see the film and visit Super Suppers as well.”

Reed says Super Suppers hopes to maximize the synergy of its family-oriented mission-to help put delicious meals on the dinner table in a convenient, affordable and healthy way-and the family-friendly reputation Disney•Pixar films such as “Ratatouille,” “Toy Story,” “Finding Nemo,” “The Incredibles” and “Cars.”

As such, the Baked Chicken and Bowties entrée is ‘kid-friendly’ and meets Disney’s standard nutritional requirements. “Super Suppers is a perfect match for Disney and Pixar’s ‘Ratatouille.’ They have a truly unique business that essentially provides cooking empowerment to moms, giving them a chance to do something great for their families in a fraction of the time. We are thrilled to create our first co-promotion with them on ‘Ratatouille,'” said Cherise McVicar, senior. vice president of National Promotions and Mobile Marketing for Disney.”

Publix Tests Curbside Service

This shows how easily the supermarket industry can enter the meal assembly industry just to test it out. Meal assembly is mentioned further down in the article. Take a look

“Supermarket chain tries in-car delivery of deli take-out items in one Fort Myers store”

“Publix Super Markets Inc. is taking a page from the restaurant industry for its latest innovation: Curbside carry out. Spokeswoman Shannon Patten said the company recently began testing a curbside service for deli items at a store in Fort Myers, allowing customers to have things like subs, salads and fried chicken delivered to their cars. “For customers who are time-starved it’s a way for them to consider us as an option for lunch or dinner,” Patten said. “It’s convenient.” Patten said the program works similar to a restaurant curbside service, in which customers phone in orders, park in designated spaces and submit their payment to an employee. She said Publix allocated a handful of parking spaces near the deli entrance at the Fort Myers site and monitors them with a video camera”

follow link for article.

A special note to meal assembly customers that might happen upon our site.

A special note to meal assembly customers that might happen upon our site; you may notice some debate that goes on concerning this industry. This is a debate that must occur in order for the industry to survive the current over saturation of some markets.

Please understand that this site is designed for owners of meal assembly stores. It is about the open exchange of ideas on how to grow this industry.

As a customer (or potential customer) you have some wonderful options available to you.

This industry was created for you, it is a great way to put meals on the table in this busy time we live in.

I think the concept of meal assembly is wonderful, it does provide a great service. I still challenge anyone to make the meals with the same quality ingredients, with the ease and speed that is possible by going to a meal assembly store.
As with any new industry some growing pains can occur, policies and practices might need to change a bit, but the meal assembly concept is good for the consumer.

Please visit your local meal assembly store, be it independent or franchise. Remember all of the meal assembly stores that exist are owned by people just like you. No big corporations are running these stores, some may be franchised but they are ALL independently owned.

Help support this industry; it was created to help you feed your family.

Enjoy your dinner

The Meal Blogger

Meal Prep Industry Fizzling – Owners Optimistic About Product

Meal Prep Industry Fizzling – Owners Optimistic About Product

“After a boom in the business of helping busy people make homemade meals, the idea is beginning to fizzle out.

Dinner-assembly stores like Super Suppers opened all over North Texas, and now some are disappearing.

“I think the idea of meal assembly got oversold quickly,” Super Suppers franchise owner Elizabeth Fletcher said

Three weeks ago, there were five different meal assembly stores in Plano. Even the Meal Prep Association said that many was pushing it. The latest to go is one of Super Suppers’ first franchises.

“We’ve seen some of our competition come and go,” At Home Dinners owner Kevin Anto said.

The owners said that competition and time consuming work got to them. Super Suppers stopped opening franchises in North Texas.

“They don’t even want to stop by and pick up their meals,” Fletcher said. “They want it delivered to their home.”

It’s a time of transition for the industry, but owners said they’ll survive because they have a product everyone needs.

“People eat dinner every night,” Dinner My Way franchise owner Karen Scholl said. “It beats the fast-food restaurants, and it beats the frozen entrees.””

Dinner for the family is in the bag after stop at meal-assembly business

“The concept of a meal-assembly business is not necessarily ahead of its time. For busy people at dinnertime, the “freshly prepared” options increase with each additional personal chef, curb-side restaurant service and market that sells ready-to-cook dishes in its meat department.

So it’s more accurate to say Super Suppers, a meal-assembly franchise located in Main Street South shopping village, is right on time.

It works like this: Super Suppers provides all the ingredients – prewashed, precut, pre-chopped and otherwise prepared – for 12-13 different entres. Customers arrive at their convenience to assemble the entres of their choice. Measuring cups and utensils stand at the ready. Bags and boxes are supplied. Instructions for assembly are posted above each work station. Directions for cooking are placed on each bag or container before it leaves the building. “

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