Welcome to the Meal Assembly Watch, a site focused on the meal assembly industry and franchises. We provide articles, editorials, news and discussion forums on this industry.

We have been in the business since 2004, while the meal assembly business was still in its infancy. We’ve seen a lot of changes take place, a lot of franchises come and go, and watched the industry go from a relative unknown commodity to a business featured on the Food Network. We’ve seen a lot of things we’ve liked and a lot of things we didn’t. We’ve made some mistakes and we’ve had some excellent triumphs. Technology has played a huge part in our business, far and above what our corporate headquarters would use. In most cases technology has been our ally, but in same cases it has been the bane of our existence.

Our stores have been involved in electronic advertising, print media, radio commercials and interviews, and morning news programs. If there was an outlet for our message, we tried to use it. We talked with schools, churches, and organizations to show the benefits of our product.

The past few years have been a roller coaster ride. We’ve wondered if anyone was going to show up, we’ve sat in the middle of a partially constructed store wondering just what we’re going to do next and we’ve heard the praise of customers who’ve benefited from making meals with us.

Our goal with this site is to provide support and information to those who are currently in the meal assembly industry and to those who might be thinking of taking the plunge some time in the future.

We welcome comments and feedback and hope you will participate in our discussion forums to give others the benefit of your experiences.

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  • Hello There

    We are a one year old meal assembly business opened in Vancouver, BC Canada called Sensational Suppers. We currently have locations in Vancouver, North Vancouver and Langley.

    We find that the people and media here are still learning about the new concept where as in the states this concept is BIG already.

    Plugs to large and small Canadian media outlets about meal assembly would be greatly appreciated.

  • I must say I really enjoyed your site and look forward to your next post.

    Can business be used for good?

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  • Debbie Zapinski-Betley:

    I am a former Dream Dinner Franchise Owner. I closed my doors May of 2007. I bought my Franchise based on the business model presented to my husband and myself in Feb of 2004. Before my store opened the business model changed. We were in the process of opening during that time period. We had no choice but to continue on the journey that eventually ended with us lossing our family farm to foreclosure and living with the blow of bankruptcy. We invested an additional $80,000 from our 401K to try and stay a float while we waited for help from the home office. This help was promised to the all Michigan stores that needed the help. We were offered a chance to be included in the class action suit with the other 15 owners. Unfortunately we did not have an extra $ 15,000 for the lawyers fees. We moved on with our lives. Many store owners that I know do not follow suit because of the cost. Many, many store owners are or were in the same financial boat.
    Thank-You for receiving this message. God Bless.
    Dream dinners former store owner.

  • Guest:

    What??? I’m confused “our corporate headquarters” “our stores” what have you done with Tuckerbox? This article makes no sense to me…ever growing business??

  • Ha ha! This was written over three years so it’s obviously inaccurate now. I did remove that “ever growing” comment so as not to give the wrong impression.

    Written during the time when meal assembly wasn’t taking on water :)

  • Guest:

    I see that a lot of these articles and posts are outdated by a few years. Are there any meal assembly stores still out there? If so, are they good investments now or should I stop thinking about this and walk away?

  • guestoo:

    Run don’t walk away…this from an experienced EX-owner who was just one of many who lost their asses…enter at your own risk…

  • James Harding:

    So, the downfall of the MA industry has been predicted but they are still hanging on. I am a customer, love it, and just discovered this site when my DD store told me the was going to be a new corporate store in California (and I was nosy enough to want to know where it was going to be!).

    Are things getting better?

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