Dinner Zen To Close in May

I’m very disappointed to report this one…

Dinner Zen, the locally owned dinner assembly store at South Lakes Village Center, will close its doors in May.

Dinner Zen To Close in May

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3 Responses to “Dinner Zen To Close in May”

  • guestoo:

    I’m sad too, Jolie if you ever read this I wish you all the best in your next endeavor…you gave it your all and I had high hopes for your store…My prayers are with you!

  • Why do you think so many of these stores fail?

  • guestoo:

    Because the model is faulty and it NEVER worked. These places ONLY work in limited places for VERY limited reasons…there are too many choices for consumers on how to use their disposable income for food AND it was NEVER marketed as a real way to save money on groceries, since ppl still had to go to the store, MAK was just another drain on their time and not all that valuable to them…

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