Proving once again the Meal Assembly business just doesn’t work

This article proves once again that the meal assembly business just doesn’t work and that when times get tough people will drop this service in the blink of an eye. People are a fickle lot and if spend all your time trying to cater to every need you’ll never accomplish anything.

“The concept is still needed and the survivors are starting to do better as the economy turns around,” Vermeulen says. Been saying that for 3 years now I think it’s time to give up on this mantra. This is a dead industry and you’d have better odds making money through gambling than off a meal prep kitchen.


Cena owners reinvent make-ahead meal service into dinner delivery

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One Response to “Proving once again the Meal Assembly business just doesn’t work”

  • guestoo:

    As always Ben is STILL out of touch…this is NOT Meals Assembly Business any longer, its a Schwans…That is NOT the prototype or concept that was sold to owners when they first started their businesses…its outrageous that they are STILL encouraging people to buy and open these things…mental eye-roll…

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