Too much assembly required

I want to make well-balanced, nutritious meals for my kids, so I tried a meal-preparation service. It didn’t prepare me for all the work.

I think this sums up what meal assembly has turned into. A good idea that still requires far too much assembly at home and more planning than many people are willing to invest.

Too Much Assembly Required

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One Response to “Too much assembly required”

  • guestoo:

    That is exactly the type of comment I heard from strangers when they found out I used to own one of these dogs…the question was,”Why do I have to do so much work at home to cook this stuff?”…Again, it was a lack of education by store owners and customers not asking the correct questions…a lot of people thought there was too much work by just having to remember to defrost the stuff…It was and is a BAD ideas and concept from start to finish…

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