Act now and get customer recipes from Dream Dinners

I find these recipe contests that Dream Dinners holds to be incredibly ironic as well as moronic. It’s ironic that they try to get recipes out of a customer base that admits to being kitchen and cooking hostile. They have no time to make meals for themselves and in many cases they lack the skills, yet Dream Dinners wants them to hand over recipes so they can increase their own menu because it’s cheaper than hiring an actual chef and they fired everyone who held the position previously. Or that person ran away, it’s hard to say sometimes.

The other part I find funny is that almost all the recipes come from someone’s grandmother. It’s not a recipe the person submitting developed, nor is it a recipe they normally prepare for themselves – because they don’t have time. It’s something they wish they could make so they send it off in hopes of winning a few bucks worth of canned food.

It’s sort of sad that the ability to cook, and by that I mean follow directions on a label or from a book, has come to a screeching halt. But yet there are more cooking shows, cookbooks and cooking competitions around than ever before. Interesting how that worked out.

But in the name of recycling and lowering costs, Dream Dinners is cutting costs, getting other people to do their work and is now offering their contest winning recipes as part of their menu. Funny how that works out. If only there were another place you could to go get an almost endless supply of user submitted recipes for free …

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4 Responses to “Act now and get customer recipes from Dream Dinners”

  • Guestoo:

    @Tucker, agreed and can’t figure that one out except that the lawsuit must have cut into more than their operating expenses…if they had to cut out the yacht’s and what not, one would presume they would cut staff first…since that’s what happened in our franchise, the executive chef went MIA. Whats a hoot is that they go to the very culinary challenged that they claim to serve for recipes…seriously how good can they be? Can you say on par with “Worst Cooks in America”? I’m not sure I want to even try one of those recipes…

  • RV:

    Many of your comments regarding “kitchen hostile” etc are unfounded and irresponsible. I am an avid home chef with a 60 hour/week job, married to a similar professional with 2 very young children. Cooking every night would now be an unrealistic luxury, one which you obviously take for granted. Take your shots at the company, not the customer and make sure you know what you are talking about next time.

  • guestoo:

    @RV, I don’t think Tucker was being irresponsible in the least. Most of the people who utilize MAK’s are in fact “cooking hostile”. This is from personal experience as an owner. That these same cooks are sending in recipes is ludicrous and outrageous. You are the people being taken advantage of by a company who has put their welfare of their customers on the backburner to make sure their lifestyle is not impacted…

  • not true:

    This is not true. I agree with RV. As a former Dream Dinners owner, I can say that many of our customers were very good in the kitchen but lacked the time due to responsibilities between work and kids. I had a few chefs that utilized my service and enjoyed our meals. They also loved the idea of submitting one of their own recipes to be shared with the customer base. I think it is wrong to categorize all people as one type. Yes, I am not good in the kitchen and used Dream Dinners because it filled a need I had to not be in the kitchen for very long. However, many others do enjoy cooking and are not hostile in the kitchen.

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