Meal Assembly Millionaires?

Plenty of time has passed so there has to be someone out there who’s become a millionaire while playing the meal assembly game, right? Someone has turned all that sweat and sacrifice into a stockpile of cash and took a walk down easy street to retire at Countryside acres, right? It would be foolish to think that this sort of franchise has been sold without someone being able to change their fortunes for the better, right?

So where are the meal assembly millionaires? Who’s made the big bucks? Who’s now retired because their store was so lucrative? There has to be someone, dozens perhaps, right?

I simply can’t imagine that wouldn’t have happened, but just in case such a scenario didn’t come around, where are all the folks who were able to pull in half a million? Surely someone was easily able to pull in that sort of income from this brilliant money making idea.

A hundred thousand? There HAS to be someone who pocketed that amount, paid off their house and all their debts and has a happy nest egg for retirement?

Now we all know there has to be dozens of people making well over $50,000 a year for themselves generating tons of disposable income for their family. It would be inconceivable to think that sort of thing hasn’t happened.

So where are all of you? Come on out and tell us about the fantastic amounts of money you’ve made off this franchise!

I expect to get hundreds of comments from satisfied franchise owners!

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