These gas prices are out of control!

In the past couple of weeks gas has shot up about 30-40 cents a gallon. In the last few days alone I’ve seen a 10 cent price jump. I have the sneaking feeling that the price is very quickly going to hit $3.50 a gallon (which it’s just shy of in my area) and right as we hit the summer months it’s very likely going to spike to $4.00 and possibly $4.50 a gallon.

In conjunction with this massive price increase in gas, I’ve seen my grocery bill nearly double on every item. Cereal has gone through the roof. Bananas and just about every other fruit have doubled per pound. Pasta has doubled as well. I’ve actually been keeping all my grocery receipts since the start of the year just to see how much the increase is and which items we use the most so we can get them on sale. Regular grocery shopping is becoming a bit of challenge these days. We’ve had to ditch quite a few extras to keep prices down. I’m wondering how much higher these prices are going to go.

It also strikes me as funny that when gas prices jumped to $2.50+ a gallon a few years ago people were screaming bloody murder at how outrageous a price that was. We’ve gone even higher than that and no one seems to be demanding a change. I find that a little ironic. I guess if you raise prices slowly you can screw people for just about any amount.

Sort of reminds me of another industry I know…

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  • Guestoo:

    @ Tucker LOL…I think the lack of hysteria about gas prices, gouging and food price spikes (and logically one would think gouging wouldn’t one?) has to do with who resides in the WH and what party the current resident is from…just MHO…

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