Are you doing a brisk business?

We all know that meal assembly was supposed to conquer Canada. That didn’t quite happen, but it seems they may be just as susceptible to faux media hype as everyone else. I was just reading an article about a store up North that was doing brisk business in an industry that was just perfect for the owners.

I found one of the comments interesting:

Business has been brisk. Sales grew by 17% on a month-to-month basis in their first year of operation. Their customer base now numbers approximately 4,000 and they estimate they sell between 300 and 350 meals per week.

I suppose in these economic times anything more than 10 customers a month would be considered brisk, however when you calculate this out, 300 meals a week is about 50 customers (if they all bought 6 meals each) or around 200 customers a month. Of course, if all those were 12 meal packages it would be about 100 customers a month.

I guess that’s better than some, but not to be rude, I would hardly call that brisk. To be honest, I would see that as barely keeping above water. I really don’t see how you can pay off all your bills and have money left over for yourself with these figures. Again, there are plenty of jobs out there where you can work less and make $40k a year so if meal assembly isn’t making more than that for you it’s a dud business. At this rate I certainly don’t see the owners (and there’s two of them) making $40k a year each. Where’s the retirement plan?

And there’s quotes like this:

"You just need that one good idea to start a business and this one was it for us,"


I wish they would have kept looking.

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