Still think stores aren’t closing?

Just saw an article where a Super Suppers store will be closing on August 14th. The owners site "rising food costs have contributed to high expenses in a poor economy, making it difficult to continue the business." The owners will also be selling off the equipment as they head towards their final days.

Notice how it doesn’t say they’re selling the business and that’s it’s a great opportunity for someone else to come in and take over. They’re just dumping it. I keep asking, is Super Supper still a functioning franchise? Who’s running the show?

Now that the grinding months of summer are coming to a close I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more store closings. Summer is a horrible time for this industry, food costs are still going up, unemployment is still going up, people are still cutting costs and this luxury service won’t get back on the list.

So who else is looking to close a store before the end of the year?

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