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Dream Dinners is running another recipe contest

I guess Dream Dinners is running low on recipes so they’ve launched another recipe contest. This is such a great idea. Dream Dinners spends a mere $500, far cheaper than actually hiring a chef or development team of their own, and they get dozens, perhaps even hundreds of people to submit recipes they can rip-off and call their own. As they state, their best recipes come from their customers.

I still find it ironic as hell that people who are too busy to cook for themselves seem to have all these recipes lying around that they’re willing to hand over to a company for some free food.

How many customers come through the door each month?

For the stores that are still open, I’d be curious to know how many customers come through the door each month and what is the average price of the bill? Are they just stopping in for a meal or two from the "grab and go" option or are they sticking around and making a full month’s worth of meals?

It used to be that a store would average around 300 people a month with most of them going for the full meal plan (10-12). What kind of figures are you seeing these days?

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