Is it still a meal prep store or is it just take out?

The industry was founded on the idea that people come in and make the meals themselves, that way they know what’s in it, customize it to their personal tastes and have a sense of ownership about the meals.

Great idea, but is it really working out these days? So many people just want to come in and pick-up the meals. Super Supper jumped on that bandwagon and turned everything over to meal pick-up. At one point Dream Dinners completely frowned on this idea, but there were plenty of owners who were tossing out the rules and doing whatever it took to make some money. And you can clearly see that many independent stores were offering both options all day long. No more sessions, just come in and make meals whenever you want or drop by and grab something.

So where do things stand now? Have owners ditched the whole meal assembly process and simply have customers grab pre-made meals or are you still encouraging customers to come in and make the meals for themselves?

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One Response to “Is it still a meal prep store or is it just take out?”

  • guestoo:

    The little I have per-used the various hangers-on, there are few sessions. In fact the funny thing is that they are mostly grab & go’s and just a few “special” sessions sprinkled through the week, I figured for those customers that just didn’t want to give up the make it urself price break…
    If store owners are pricing their services correctly (i.e. to make a profit) then they should just about be reaching the point of diminishing returns as far as customers advantage. That includes not just the price of their meals, but the at home prep and side dishes that go with the dinners bought. I know in the restaurant/catering biz we are getting whacked almost monthly with price increases especially in our meat prices. Beef has been especially hard.

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