Where are all the meal assembly millionaires?

Here ‘s another question you can ask yourself, where are the meal assembly millionaires? A good franchise should be able to propel you into the millionaire category within 5-7 years, don’t you think? Since meal prep has been around since 2003, and the franchise sold the dickens out of this concept, where are the slew of millionaires we should be hearing about by now? After 7 years there should be dozens of owners across the country that are ready to retire and live the life of luxury from the profits of their stores. You have to be out there and I’d love to hear how you did it.

On a more serious note, I doubt most owners are making a profit from their stores let alone something that even comes close to a teacher’s salary. I still firmly believe that if you’re not personally making at least $40k a year as a salary for yourself then you need to start devising an escape plan.


So, who’s gotten rich of meal assembly? Where are ya?

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4 Responses to “Where are all the meal assembly millionaires?”

  • guesttoo:

    Wow, Tucker good question. Then my question is only 40k for all the hours and trouble of Meal Prep ownerwhip(not a typo)?
    Not many people are going to become millionaires in 7 years on 40k a year.
    I think the only millionaires being generated in this “biz” are the ones selling the stupid things(zors)and even they are drying up quickly with all the law suits against them. Those that got out early (think Dinner by Design I beleive who sold her franchise operation VERY EARLY in the meltdown). The other millionaires in the game are those who were millionaires before buying a store or becoming a zor and some lost boo-koo bucks,(what’s his face Brown of Suzanne Sommers Meal Prep fame).

  • Guest:

    They are called lawyers.

  • Lawyers and association owners were the only people to make money of this racket. Of course the Zors made their fair share as well, but considering the lawsuits and other problems they each face I’m sure they’ve handed over a pretty good chunk of cash to attorneys as well.

    Seems to me the way to make money is to be a lawyer that deals with shifty franchises like these. Overnight success! 😀

  • guesttoo:

    At least its the gift who keeps on giving for someone!

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