Are people thinking of buying into this franchise?

Recently I’ve seen some new articles crop up speaking the virtues of meal assembly and how it can make meal time easier and help people lose ridiculous amounts of weight. Putting that misinformation aside I hope people aren’t getting the idea that now is the right time to invest in a meal prep business. Just because you can pick up a store at a bargain basement price doesn’t mean you should jump on board and get one.

It’s been awhile since the point has been made so now is a good time to go back and show what buying a meal prep franchise WON’T GET YOU

– You don’t get a national marketing campaign
– You don’t get a franchise run by people with decades or even years worth of restaurant experience
– You don’t get discounted prices because your franchise buys in bulk
– You won’t see your company name listed in dozens of magazines and flyers unless YOU pay for it
– You won’t get handcrafted recipes put together by culinary experts. What you will get is a slew of recipes lifted from other published sources and submitted recipes from contests.
– You won’t get assistance from other store owners in your area since you’re in competition with each other
– You’re going to spend all your time in your store struggling to make a living instead of spending time with your family
– You don’t get guaranteed system for making money
– You won’t be working less hours than a 9-5 job in Corporate America
– You don’t get a repeatable system for bringing in customers
– You won’t be making more than the teacher who watches over your children and gets three months off every summer

Just keep those few things in mind if you have some wild notion that now might be the time to swoop in and make a run with a meal prep store.

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