Meal assembly store survives

This does show that the independent store is far more adaptable than the larger franchises who don’t understand the needs of customers on the whole let alone at a local level, however, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There is a big difference between being a survivor in this mess of an industry and bringing home a salary that allows you to pay all your bills, have money for yourself and still spend time with your own family around the dinner table.

Also, it’s quotes like this that still make me wonder if people really understand this industry:

""People still need to eat," she said, adding that her meals are still cheaper and healthier than picking up fast food for a quick meal."

Hanging your hat on that mantra will lead to bankruptcy, as we’ve already seen…

Nationwide, the number of meal assembly businesses increased from four in 2002 to 1,400 in 2007, according to a recent story in The New York Times. But growth has slowed considerably. About 260 stores closed in 2007, and three times as many closed the previous year, according to the story.

Sioux Falls has experienced a similar downturn. Of the three businesses that opened, only the local player, Your Secret Kitchen, is still around.

Owner Kim Schetnan said it’s because she’s a locally owned business that she’s been able to survive. She was able to adapt more easily to the changing market.

Meal assembly store survives

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4 Responses to “Meal assembly store survives”

  • guest:

    Tuckerbox, we have all played that game of hyping ourselves to local media. Its how the game is played, that does not mean however, that “things are getting back to normal”, whatever the H-E-doubel toothpicks that means. What is “normal” about the meal assembly business, besides nothing? The article still does not talk about the devastation and down-right fraud that has taken place in the meal assembly ponzie scheme. I’m glad hse has “survived” by being nimble and quick to change course as needed to stay afloat. I did notice on the meal prep “for sale” section that the gals in Chicago that re-launched their store are closing and selling all their equipment, so being nimble and quick to change course as the situation unfolds does not seem to be the answer to sucess either. I had hoped that their vision for a business would succeed. What we see though is that meal assembly is as I have said before is a niche, cottage business. It is not franchise-able. I hope the gal above succeeds.

  • Guest:

    Has anyone been over to the Meal Prep and his Merrymen website? The numbers listed indicate that well over 800(I would venture a guess it is closer to 1000) MAK stores are now closed. These stores closed between 2006-2010. That is coming up on whopping 80-90% failure rate( a subjective term). Not good numbers. For anyone like our friend Bill who thinks this site is the reason for the 80-90% failure rate, he might want to consider doing a little research on the Meal Prep website and take a gander at the stores for sale. A little heads-up on that too. I think based on some personal experience that when they plaster SOLD on the listings, that they may not have truly been SOLD!, but could have also just CLOSED!

  • guest:

    New update – as of May 31, the site is now reporting that 1,455 stores have closed.

  • Guest:

    At this point if anyone buys one of these places, they deserve no sympathy because they are morons and deserve to lose all their money.

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