The end of the line for Super Suppers

Would it be considered ironic or laughable that Super Suppers will be closing down their corporate run store because they can’t make any money with it? As we’ve clearly seen, even the so called creators of this industry can’t make any money from an actual store, they can only raise capital by selling franchises to anyone who asks and then gouging them again when their store fails. Capitalism is a fine thing isn’t it?

So where does this leave Super Suppers? With an ever shrinking base of open stores it’s hard to imagine that the corporate office really serves any purpose, if there’s even a corporate office any more.

We all know Judie has abandoned the franchise for greener pastures so who’s at the helm? Is anyone actually steering this ship?

Are current owners looking to try and become independent owners or like the corporate owners themselves, just give up on the idea of meal assembly altogether?

As it stands now, Super Suppers is right on track to be dissolved well before the end of the year. Since we’re right on the cusp of Spring and then the long slow Summer, it seems like dark times ahead for this franchise and it’s remaining owners.

Seriously, if you don’t have an escape plan yet, you need to get one. This franchise is doomed, you need to protect yourself and minimize the damage. You might be able to make some headway as an independent but you need to have more than just hopes and dreams and the idea that since all the other stores are gone you can make money now. No one’s made money up to this point, why should the future be different?

From where I sit, this marks the end for Super Suppers.

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2 Responses to “The end of the line for Super Suppers”

  • It’s about time; Judy, Bill, and Sam Hance are all criminals and liers!

  • Sam Hance:

    August 2004 — December 2006 (2 years 5 months)

    Super Suppers is a meal assembly franchise. My responsibilities included hiring, training and daily management of the sales staff, oversight of the PR function and serving as a member of the Sr. Management Board. Accomplishments include selling of 275 franchises which made it the largest and fastest growing of the meal assembly franchises.

    Notice the number of franchises sold… Makes the catastrophic drop from 275 down to 50 even more noteworthy.

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