Dream Dinners – Less stores than what you thought

According to this PR Note, Dream Dinners is actually closer to 115 stores, not the 130 we keep seeing. So yes, they are coming to the end of the line as well.

Dream Dinners®, the leading meal assembly chain with more than 115 locations in the U.S., has retained Duo PR as its agency-of-record, effective immediately. In this role, the agency will focus on supporting Dream Dinners’ major consumer marketing initiatives and new product offerings via traditional media relations and grassroots campaigns, as well as provide all corporate communications counsel.

Dream Dinners in PR News

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7 Responses to “Dream Dinners – Less stores than what you thought”

  • guest:

    Well they certainly have their work cut-out for them, course they get paid whether they create a buzz for DD anyway. Take the money and run seems to be the battle cry of people in and around the MAK industry. Course maybe this will put some out of work down on their luck MBA marketeers.

  • WHAT?????
    Dream dinners, Inc. Is Mis-Leading the County. Please everyone, Take a Look at this website and tell me what is Wrong with this picture….Seriously? Weight Loss of 161 lbs? Really??? And If you believe that, Then you probably Own a Dream Dinners Too!!!


  • Guest:

    I cannot believe you haven’t commented on the FoodTV infomercial Tuckerbox. You’re slipping.

  • Actually, I did see this press release when it came out but basically chose to ignore it for a few reasons. I really didn’t want to take away from Kara’s weight loss story even if I think eating Dream Dinners had little to no impact on it. Second, I really don’t have any interest in helping Dream Dinner promote their new (same as last years) trial offer.

    Could eating Dream Dinners 7 nights a week help you lose weight? Sure, in the same vein that NOT eating out 7 nights a week will help you lose weight. Stop eating out and exercise (and stick with it) and you’ll lose weight guaranteed.

    And as I said, this is the same trial offer Dream Dinners has been offered for the past couple of years.

    The only think interesting in this press release was the statement that Dream Dinners is the largest chain. That really isn’t saying much these days is it? And did you notice they didn’t specify a number? I guess they don’t want people to know how many stores they have now versus what they used to have. That would just be sad.

  • guest:

    You should watch the infomercial as it preached more portion control, save money and time and spend more time with the family. I am realistic and believe that she did excersise as well, but the portion control and helthy dinners helped. I don’t think Dream Dinners ever has done infomercials before and I would be willing to bet that they are testing the waters.

    Sometimes companies have to decrease to increase business and establish a strong base, so I would rule out Dream Dinners folding in the wind like the others at leas right away. I believe you were the one that said of one independent stores that they were promoting the great food and not what they should be like more time with the family, less time shopping and eating healthier great tasting meals. I do think all these meal assembly companies grew way to fast and did not know why. It seems to me that Dream Dinners is taking a step back and establishing there base before they start adding a bunch of more stores. Maybe they have learned there lesson and the lesson of other stores like the grab and go. Just looking on the outside and watching to see how this market unfolds.

    I am seing more grocery stores focus on pre made dinners, so there is a market. Although even Bety Crocker tried there instant cake mix with just adding water and when that didn’t sell they decided to add water and an egg and they are selling like crazy today. So there is a market for people liking to have the sense that they are making there own meal for a there family.

  • Guest:

    Watch the infomercial? Sorry, I have better things to do at 5:00 am…like sleep.

  • That’s your marketing budget at work for you.

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