EATS – Where are they now?

Let’s not forget about EATS, the other sale systems used by several (now defunct) Independent meal assembly stores and even one large franchise. Considering they had a large franchise contract they should be doing quite well these days, right?

Looks like EATS may be a victim of the same ills as What’s Cooking. Several of their clients are no longer in business and their site hasn’t been updated with any new clients since July 2008. It’s rather ironic that their last posts references their work with Super Suppers and getting those 140 stores moved over to the EATS system. Funny, at least 100 of those stores no longer exist.

Doesn’t look like too much is being powered by EATS these days.



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6 Responses to “EATS – Where are they now?”

  • Bill:


    Have you ever stopped to think about the negative impact you post have to this industry? This is a web based business model, anyone searching will come across this site and see you negativity. You are obviously not helping, why you don’t just stop. What is you motive?

  • 'Nuff Thyme:

    Bill, I can’t speak for Tuckerbox, but many people have been seriously hurt by the shenanigans of more than a few principals in this nightmare called the Meal Assembly industry. If there are still people seriously considering investing in this business model, it is very appropriate indeed for them to see a little “negativity”, as you put it. Go back through two or two and a half years’ worth of posts here…you’ll be surprised to read of the anguish, the anger and the ache that is expressed by many others besides Tuckerbox. That might serve as a wake-up call for someone ready to plow their already-weakened 401K into this “web based business model.”

  • Spoken like a true huckster, Bill. People who complain the loudest about the “negativity” are usually the ones ripping people off the most. This industry is riddled with liars and crooks who have stolen tens of millions of dollars away from hard working people who believed the putrid filth that came out of their mouths.

    What’s the motive? To show that this industry will bankrupt you, that the people at the corporate offices are criminals, and that investing in one of these fly by night businesses will ruin your life’s savings and bankrupt you. You’d have better luck at the casinos! The only people making money in this dead end racket are the people who keep saying it’s a good investment while they try to sell you something.

    What’s your motive? What are you trying to sell?

  • guest:

    Here, here TB. In my humble opinion I think I especially liked the “putrid filth” line, how apropos. As we are all getting buried in snow, not to long ago many of us were buried in the despair that “nuff said” spoke about. It amazes me that ppl are STILL trying to convince ppl that the meal assembly industry debacle and cataclysmic failure is due to “negativity” on any one website. Let’s just remember that the negativity talked about here is truth, it happened in real -life and it happened to thousands of hard-working families and people & it’s failure affected many more thousands on top of that. The systemic failure of the Meal Assembly MODEL is not an isolated failure or regional phenomenon. It’s failure was not brought about by some user or management error. IT WAS A MODEL FAILURE Those “salesman” for franchisors along with ancillary products salemsman bled all the money they could out of hard-working ppl trying to make a better life for them and their families and then “changed” the model to “fix-it” & started selling their new and improved wares again. When that market was tapped the salesman and their businesses either closed their doors laughing all the way to the bank, and/or started sellign their product to a new sector after using meal assembly stroe owners and their free R&D department. and then coming here to tell ppl who lost everything to sit down and shut up or quit being so negative. No, I take that back they got PAID for all the R&D we did for them. It is not the negative comments folks, it is and always has been the MODEL. In my opinion it is NOT a web-based model-unless that is the latest incarnation or “fix” to the broken model, again in my opinion, it has always been a pyramid scheme that they just called a franchise model.
    Agreed spoken like a true blue meal assembly huckster Bill.

  • Christy:

    The model is indeed what is broken. As manager of an independent store, I figured that out ages ago. We modified the “model” and made our own. As people, trends and the economy change, so must business. Of course, it also helps that I really like the work, and am not out to rip people off. (OOOOOPS…did I say that out loud??)

  • The model worked only in a limited sense and for a very limited demographic. In the real world it fell apart pretty quickly. Of course Dream Dinners claimed there was nothing wrong with the model, only owners who were under funded, didn’t know how to work their business and didn’t follow the carefully laid out Dream Dinner plan.

    Of course, that was a hundred closed stores ago. I wonder if they still think their model is financially sound?

    Meal Prep had it’s fling, but it just wasn’t built to last.

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