Dinner By Design – Meal Assembly Franchise

I wonder if this constitutes false advertising?

Join Dinner by Design, the industry leader in meal assembly!

"One of the hottest franchise sensations sweeping the nation!"

Dinner By Design – Meal Assembly Franchise

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3 Responses to “Dinner By Design – Meal Assembly Franchise”

  • guest g:

    I think that may be considered false advertising along with the sales numbers that were shown to prospects!

  • guest:

    For anyone who cares, SupperThyme USA is down to one store, down from a high of 44 3 years ago. What makes this interesting is the latest store is one that was one of the first in the franchise. It is possible its still operating but since their franchise agreement has timed-out. If they are an independent;I wish them very good luck.

  • I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long. SupperThyme was having plenty of issues and multiple store closings a couple years ago. Considering how badly things were going, I thought they had closed up long ago.

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