Meal Prep Blunders of 2009

We’re not entirely sure what they did accomplish, but here’s some example of what other companies managed to pull off last year.

Top things meal prep failed to do in 2009:

And just keep in mind, this is what the franchise should have done, not ideas that should have come from the stores. This is what the royalty payments should have bought.

Give away a scholarship

Make an iPhone app

Use any of their websites to generate a few million in extra cash

Be a major sponsor for a TV show or sporting event like The Bowl

Splash their name all over a racecar

Film a commercial at Times Square during New Years

Donate toys to any worthy cause

Anything related to our troops and their families? Perhaps a discount of some sort?

Any sort of charitable donation?

Open more stores than they closed

These are just a few examples of what other food related companies are doing. I included GoDaddy because I find their advertising methods very unique and interesting. Plus, they sell domain names. People need food more than domain names right? But yet somehow they always manage to come up with money to sponsor things like SuperBowls and other extremely visible events. Now if they would only sponsor Oprah or Dr. Phil, then they would make some real money.

So what are those royalty payments going to?

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