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Selling Your Restaurant? There is Hope in 2010

You’ll still have a hard time selling a business that smells like a turd, but this might mean there’s some takers on the equipment. :)

Though 2009 was a bad year for small-business sellers, data recently released on Q4 suggests that small-business sales might be gaining momentum—especially in the restaurant space.

Selling Your Restaurant? There is Hope in 2010

Death of family meals harms health

The demise of the traditional family meal is exposing children to junk food advertising that threatens their health, the Government’s school food guru warned yesterday.

Prue Leith, chairman of the School Food Trust, warned that ‘knees under the table’ dinners were dying out as parents condone all-day snacking and all-you-can-eat chip shop deals.


Death of family meals harms health

Desperate times call for lies and deceit

This was sent to me by a reader of the site. What we have here is an email sent out by a store owner to her customers explaining how great the meal assembly business is and trying to con them into buying a Dream Dinners franchise of their own. From what I was told, the area where this store is located used to have multiple Dream Dinners franchises, multiple Super Supper locations, a My Girlfriend’s Kitchen and a handful of independent stores. All of which are now closed.

Looks like this is a desperate attempt by the owner to try and make money off some sort of franchise referral, or a sad attempt to see if anyone is stupid enough to buy a meal prep store and then unload her store on them "at a bargain price".

This is a pretty pathetic ploy. I can’t believe someone thinks this would work? Who would be moronic enough to buy into a Dream Dinners franchise, or any meal prep franchise for that matter? I can’t believe an owner would pull something like this on her customers.

Do you love Dream Dinners? Have you often thought what it would take to own your own store? Dream Dinners is looking for new franchise owners.

If you are looking for a fun, flexible, and gratifying business, Dream Dinners may be just the opportunity for you! Dream Dinners is the innovator and leader in the meal assembly business and has been for the last 8 years. There are existing stores/market areas available in North Carolina. It is a great opportunity to consider.

The investment depends on the store/location but is usually $125,000.00 – $200,000.00. You would be spending 30 – 50 hours per week on the business and a partner(s) is ideal. I do run the ****** store by myself and it is a lot of work. I am fortunate to have my original staff with me since I opened in September 2006 and they are a huge help. I love my Dream Dinners store and enjoy being there every day. The best part of my day is getting to talk to each Guest that visits the store.

I would be happy to talk with you further about the opportunities available.

Franchises that went boom — or bust

Another fad that soon fizzled? Meal prep kitchen franchises. When the economy was fit, busy families indulged in the luxury of assemble-your-own-dinner services at franchises such as Dinner by Design and Super Suppers. The idea — which, truth be told, never quite made sense to us — is that Mom visits one of these commercial prep kitchens, puts together dinner for the week with conveniences such as pre-chopped ingredients, packs it up and takes home. We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

But in 2005 and 2006, the concept gained a big following. Super Suppers grew steadily during those years, jumping from 40 locations to 206, according to Investopedia, an online financial reference site. Its competitor, Dinner by Design, had 55 outlets. Needless to say, when the economy started to fail, so did Super Suppers and Dinner by Design. People went back to making homemade meals … at home. Now there’s a concept.

No new Super Suppers opened in 2008, and existing owners with SBA loans began failing at a quick pace — 42 percent last year alone. Dinner by Design has also stopped selling franchises and has 23 remaining locations.


Franchises that went boom — or bust

Dinner By Design – Meal Assembly Franchise

I wonder if this constitutes false advertising?

Join Dinner by Design, the industry leader in meal assembly!

"One of the hottest franchise sensations sweeping the nation!"

Dinner By Design – Meal Assembly Franchise

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