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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hopefully today you find yourself surrounded by family and friends. And if by chance those people aren’t available at least you find yourself surrounded by people who brought a dessert.

Have a great holiday everyone and enjoy the time off before things really get hectic as you get everyone’s Christmas wishlist.

Judie Byrd’s Kitchen – Ditching Super Suppers to be a Celebrity Chef

You may be asking yourself, “Why haven’t I heard anything about Super Suppers in the news lately?” or “Why are there so many Super Suppers stores closing?” “Does Judie still have anything to do with her former franchise?” Well, one answer could be that Judie has ditched the whole idea of the Super Suppers franchise so she can focus on becoming a celebrity chef.

To be honest I’m shocked they filmed more than a handful of these shows. After watching those first few horrible clips I figured the show was as doomed as her franchise. But I guess it goes to show you, people would rather watch a show about cooking (any show) than cook for themselves.

And FamilyNet is blasting her all over the airwaves. They are repeating her shows everyday at 5pm and 2am. It’s saturation bombing! If that wasn’t enough you get her at 12pm on Saturday. I assume that is actually the new episode which they then repeat endlessly for the next couple of weeks.

For the month of November she is digging deep and bringing out “More Supper Super Recipes”. Just because the franchise is rubbish doesn’t mean she can’t recycle all those old recipes for a new audience!

Just as surprising that this show is still on the air is the fact that the other meal prep outfits haven’t ripped it off, copied it and tried to make it their own. That’s clearly how they used to do it, right? It seems some of those other corporate leaders wouldn’t be able to stand the fact that someone is on television when they’re not.

Judie Byrd’s Kitchen

Dream Dinners of Fort Mill Celebrates Three Year Anniversary

As some stores get ready to go out of business another celebrates three years in the industry. It’s the typical story where they used to be customers, got excited about the idea and just had open their own location. There’s two pieces I find interesting, the first is that Dream Dinners is referenced as having over 100 stores, certainly a far cry from their glory days when articles would reference 200. The other is that the store has serviced 2,000 customers in three years and is at the top of their game. Is that 2,000 customers total since they opened or 2,000 unique customers? Pardon me for saying, but either way those numbers don’t seem all that high and don’t really lend themselves to a thriving business.

For many entrepreneurs opening a franchise is a plausible business venture; however it does not guarantee profitability. In fact, many franchises fail for reasons such as location, lack of a viable business strategy, timing and market saturation. Despite these risk factors, Dream Dinners of Fort Mill continues to thrive and since its opening in 2006 Pattison and Lakshmanan have serviced over 2000 customers.

Dream Dinners of Fort Mill Celebrates Three Year Anniversary

Future uncertain for Lexington Dream Dinners

Here’s an interesting twist, someone has the crazy notion that they can turn this business around…

Stephanie Bryan e-mailed customers Friday, saying the economy has taken a major toll on the business, in which customers prepare dinners to take home and freeze until it’s time to serve them. The last day of operation, she wrote, would be Nov. 30, giving customers enough time to order and pick up Thanksgiving packages.

Future uncertain for Lexington Dream Dinners

Can meal assembly be invited home for Thanksgiving?

Soon it will be time for turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and all the trimmings. But you have to ask yourself, who’s going to make this grand feast? Does the local meal prep store have the inroads to help craft this delicacy for the time starved family or the kitchen challenged would-be chef?

Perhaps a few years ago it held the attention of families who wanted to try something different for the holiday, but times have changed and meal assembly is no fine wine that’s for sure. It’s not getting better with age.

When times were good and the economy wasn’t sucking the life out of us, people had the notion that this was a novel idea and they might give it a try and see what happens. I’m pretty sure they’re over that now.

The idea of spending 30-40 minutes tossing ingredients together to make a holiday meal sounds convenient, but how is it really going to work out? Most people aren’t that great at planning under the best of conditions so will they really find the time to show up? Are you really saving money by going this route? And there is always the fact that you still need to go to the grocery store to get other dinners items. It gets some of the big work out of the way, but it’s only about a seventy percent solution. You’re not totally off the hook by going.

So will meal assembly getting invited in for dinner? It’s had a hard time making it to the table for other occasions so even though it’s a holiday the reception might not be any friendlier.

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