Summer is officially over!

Well, at least in my neck of the woods as the kids head back for their first day of school today. And what a summer it’s been. Putting the business aspect aside, I personally had a great summer break. I went camping with the family for the first time in many years, participated in several charity biking events (and slimmed down because of it), taught our youngest how to ride a bike (we’re a little late on this one), got our oldest moved into her college apartment and began to look to the future of our next oldest and began looking at colleges for her. I have to say it was one of the best summer’s I’ve had in many years.

From the meal assembly perspective things look as bad as they ever were. Stores show no sign of improvement, the economy isn’t showing too many signs of recovery and the future is still predicted to look pretty bleak. Home foreclosures are expected to reach yet another all time high.

I really thought the melding together of grocery store and meal prep had staying power, but sadly I was wrong as seen by Publix calling it quits on both their short lived stores. That follows along with the others ultimately giving up after this long, slow summer. Since this is the worse time of year for any food related business, I can’t help but feel bad news is forthcoming for many more meal prep stores. One can only hope a back to school rush is around the corner, but since it hasn’t materialized for the past two years, I don’t think we have the right set of circumstances to end that streak. Further, news about this industry seems to be at an all time low. I think customers and reporters have really pushed this industry aside and moved on.

In many ways the year is about over. Labor Day will be the real end to summer for most and then daylight savings rolls around which signals Halloween and the start of winter. Then it’s a mad rush to the end of the year as all attention turns to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m sure many people are already putting plans into place and budgeting accordingly.

Hopefully there will be some good economic news by the time Christmas rolls around, but I’m not expecting it and will plan to keep things as cost effective as possible.

So what did you do on your summer vacation?

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8 Responses to “Summer is officially over!”

  • tryingitagain:

    Last week we had the last of our Dream Dinners (purchased in May). I like the convenience but my husband and young adult son balk – they don’t like portion size or taste.

    We won’t use meal assembly again – I have to agree that it is a fad that faded quickly. I am so grateful that we didn’t jump into meal assembly ownership two years ago. Would have been a disaster. Thanks Tuckerbox for starting this site and getting the word out.

  • now_what?:

    We have gotten so far behind in bills/royalties with such low revenues. Have tried to hang on, but now worried about all of the trouble we’ll be facing down the road – will that be worse than this? My accountant says that we should close and keep moving forward – based on things he reads, even catching up with DD royalties may be throwing good money to bad. Thoughts?

  • Buster Hymen:

    Why would you listen to a bunch of people on the Internet over you’re hired professional that you know?

  • Chef R:

    I agree with Buster…you paid the guy, why ask a second opinion from amateurs?
    Or, with my tongue firmly in cheek, have you asked Darin and Stephanie their opinion?

  • now_what?:

    I was looking more for experiences that others may have had, expectations, etc …

  • From my experience, life after DD has been wonderful. More time to experience my family, friends, and those things I’m passionate about. And when all is said and done, isn’t that really what’s most important?
    Meal Assembly is an ill-conceived sidebar to the food industry, and consumers will only ever view it as a novelty. It won’t even be identified by the pollsters as anything except “other”, as it’s use will be measured in hundredths of a percentage point of total food sales.

  • closeadreamdinnerstoo:

    From my experience too I thought I would be sad about closing my Dream Dinners, but I am not. Save your money do what your accountant is telling you. I am glad I left, because I see things have not gotten any better.

  • past DD owner:

    Life is better after closing – we hung on for as long as we could always hoping then next email from Darin was going to be the great idea that was going to save us. It has been almost a year and the further behind us it gets the better life gets. We will forever be trying to recover from the money lost, bankrupcy, money added to our new 40year mortgage etc!! Don’t pay royalties – they can’t do anything after you file for bankrupcy – it takes a long time before they will cut you off from the website and recipes etc..

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