Dream Dinners Recipe Contest

I have to admit I still find this recipe contest business just a little odd. Again, you are asking people who don’t know how, or are too busy, or won’t or for whatever reason, don’t prepare meals to submit their favorite recipes. It seems the equivalent of asking people who don’t own cameras to submit their best photos. I’m sure the people who participate enjoy it, but based on some of the previous entries they appear to submit an old “family recipe” or take a standard recipe from a cookbook where they’ve added dry soup mix and submit that. I don’t really get the sense that these are recipes that people spend a great deal of time crafting and honing. But then again, if you did spend that kind of time in the kitchen, you probably have no need for meal prep services.

Do you have a winning recipe to share? Enter our recipe contest and you could win $500 worth of Dream Dinners!

Winners will be chosen from four categories, with a prize for each winner in each category. Plus, we will publish your winning recipe in future Dream Dinners’ menus as one of our monthly dinner features.

Dream Dinners Recipe Contest

I guess it’s better than actually coming up with the recipes yourself. Cheaper too. And at today’s rate, $500 is a month’s worth of dinner’s right?

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