Show me the money!

So the small survey reveals that most owners aren’t actually making any money from their stores. Most owners aren’t even breaking $10k a year, which if you calculate that out comes to around $30 a day. With minimum wage being $6.55 you could work one day a week for 5 hours and make more money than a meal assembly kitchen brings in. A part-time job would allow you to double or even triple the income the MA store brings in.

Plus how much stress and losing your mind do you think there is in working one day a week for 5-6 hours? If you wanted to pace yourself you could do dog sitting for 3 days out of the week and make more money.

For those in this group what are your plans for summer? Are most owners planning to just bite down and push through the summer and see how things turn out? Or are there strategic retreats in the making?

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3 Responses to “Show me the money!”

  • BRU:

    When you asked about profits, I thought you were talking about what was left after the owners were paid their salary.

    Subtract one from the 20-30 and add one to the 50+.

    Anyone else make this same assumption?

  • workforfood:

    Yes, I made the same assumption. If you add in my salary, it’s considerably higher. The profits and stress are certainly undesirable, but I do have some perks…. flexible schedule, unlimited meals for my family, being my own boss, pride in what I’ve created (I’m independent). That doesn’t mean we’re not struggling, but I wouldn’t continue to struggle with it if I didn’t believe in it. It’s too bad I don’t have 400 people a month who believe in it with me. :o)

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