2009 Meal Prep Conference

I’d be curious to hear some feedback about the 2009 Meal Prep Conference that just ended? Was anyone able to attend? Were there any good discussions or helpful ideas presented? Considering the state of the industry it would be interesting to hear how many people attended and what kind of topics were discussed.

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  • Just Wondering:

    I’m curious how the Meal Prep industry compares with a career as a Personal Chef. (Going into people’s homes to prepare a week’s worth of meals) Do they draw from the same customers and everyone is out of money now? Or was the promise of the Meal Prep Companies to bring in new customers who would never use a Personal Chef? In my neighborhood there were six stores in a ten mile stretch of the same road and clearly some of them would fail even if the ecomony stayed strong. Is Personal Chef an alternative or too close the the meal prep model to be sucessful?

  • guesto:

    Just wondering, Generally they are not the same consumer. Personal Chef clients are generally a different demographic group, mine clients were upper middle to high dual income with no children or small children or singles (mostly men). They had more disposable income, ate out most meals (before I started cooking for them). They ate my meals on an average of 2-3 nights a week.
    My Personal Chef clients had no desire or time to cook.
    Conversely my customers in my MA were busy working moms, who wanted the service of a Personal Chef, but couldn’t afford one, they didn’t want to do once a month cooking at home(too much time and trouble) were lower middle to middle class. Busy working or soccer moms they had older children (school age), ate out very seldom, but wanted some relief a couple nights a week for meals. They ate my meals on an average of 1-2 nights a week. The down-side was the at-home prep they had to do, remembering to thaw the meals ahead of time.
    As a Personal Chef I also was specialized and did a lot of cooking for people with special dietary needs.
    So there is very little cross-over from Personal Chef’s and MA’s.

  • Thanks for the response. I am excited about the opportunity to be a personal chef. I am trying to learn as much as I can before I make the commitment. I was very sad to see the meal assembly stores close one by one. Since you were (are?) a personal chef, any recommendations on websites for more information?

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