Happy Anniversary

My, my, how the time has flown. Two years have come and gone since this site was launched in June 2007. I’m sure many franchisors see that as a black day in history. But look at how things have changed, and not really for the better. Half the stores in the industry are now gone, dozens of companies have packed up, and millions of dollars have been lost. And from where I’m sitting, it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better.

Here we are at that time of year when this industry grinds to a halt. Normally the proceeds from the first half of the year pull and owner through the lean time, but now things feel like they’re lean all over.

It’s been a rough two years to be sure. Things were rocky before the economy turned on its ear and collapsed like a drunken celebrity, now it seems everyone is in distress. From the soon to be defunct car companies to the already defunct banks and dozens of other businesses in-between, layoffs in ever sector of business are common place and being displaced is almost a fact of life. It’s hard for people to know where their money is coming from let alone their next meal.

And of course I have been less than visible on this site over the past few months. Fortunately, the company I work for is still very busy and there is plenty of work to go around. I’ve had my head down just trying to keep up and don’t have the same time to dedicate as I used to. But it’s a good problem to have and is certainly better than the alternative of holding a sign on the street corner.

I still read and scan though dozens of articles that might be related to this industry, but the news and information is few and far between. There is very little press out there any more. Maybe there isn’t a whole more to say about this industry. Have people put the idea out of the their minds or are they just sitting back and waiting to see if it will actually make it through another year?

I may not be as vocal as I used to be, but I’m still here and the site certainly isn’t going anywhere. I dare say it will outlast the industry it speaks of.

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