Hypothetically Speaking

So to play devil’s advocate for a moment, let’s say you had the following hypothetical situation:

You create a company with a simple concept that begins to catch on. Other people latch onto the idea and soon your company is booming. But then you hit a few snags. Problems start to develop in your methods, the economy takes a hit and soon the wheels come off your brilliant idea. Before you know it you have lots of angry people who invested in your idea, but didn’t make any money. Before you can turn around major websites are discussing how your idea failed to live up to expectations. You get taken off their hot sellers list and discussion forums and blogs come alive with all the things you did wrong and warn others about doing business with you. Then you get hit with a massive lawsuit and soon you can’t look up your name in a search engine without seeing all these less than flattering articles. The publicity is bad, you can’t sell more branches of your business, and the other stores in the same industry begin to falter and start to close at an alarming rate.

You devise a brilliant idea. You take your original concept and make some subtle changes and shift the scope of your marketing slightly. The best way to get away from the negative comments is to work on a new name that won’t be associated with the missteps of the past. You regroup and present yourself in a “new and improved” light. People will now look for you under this new name rather than seeing all those previous articles. Maybe when things cool down you can merge the names back together again.

So if you did create a business and things started to go sideways on you do you think this would work to bail you out?

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8 Responses to “Hypothetically Speaking”

  • guest:

    pffttt…hypothetically it sounds a lot like the the normal modus operandi of the federal government, THAT particular method of “bailout” has been around since the time of Adam and Eve, “it’s not wrong or sin, silly rabbit-to eat the fruit of the tree, God is just trying to keep good things away from you by keeping you away from that tree. So lets just throw the word “sin, and evil” out we’ll call it… extreme life enhancement, you’ll be like God!”
    Seems as though our fearless leader in DC just did that by throwing out the term “war on terror” and instead now calls it ” overseas contingency operation.” If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck…rotflmao..anyone who falls for that is well…it would seem about 54% of the American voters…

  • huh?:

    Am I missing something? Why the expense of a new website?
    Why only 10 stores participating? As a customer, seems very confusing.

  • Not such a bad idea, really, if you declare the first concept “bankrupt” just before the courts settle the lawsuit in favor of the plaintiffs. Then you can use the second concept to buy up the remaining assets of the first concept (web site, customer list, etc.) for pennies on the dollar…..

  • guesto:

    Now that would be just plain sneaky and dishonest, surely you’re not implying that the folks at DD would engage in that sort of behavior or chicanery are you?? 😉

  • anon:

    Ummmm….check out suppersdirect.com

    I know exactly where you’re headed with this

  • guesto:

    Um, that idea (suppersdirect.net) is already being used, it’s called Schwans. They too have salespeople. Is this like Amway meets meal assembly? Do they have downlines?
    What a hoot, of course if you can “borrow” an idea once, why not try for twice, America is nothing else if not a place to freely “borrow” ideas and call them your own.

  • It looks like something is being built on the SuppersDirect site, however the .net name just redirects back to Super Suppers. They’re already got their Grab & Go concept, are they just going to start delivering now?

  • guest:

    If you go to suppersdirect.com, it sends you toI have copied and pasted what appears on their website below

    Or here

    You come to a place that has an actual application with an explanation for the “program”. If you read the entire content it explains a program that looks ALOT like a multi-level marketing concept. Where you sign on to deliver meals for them, and if you sign up someone under you, then you get a % of that persons sales and so on and so on…
    It seems in my opinion to be a little bit of a dippy idea, but then I’m not a person who has a sirius radio program about how to be a successful small business owner either, so there ya go.

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