Who Else Wants Diets Delivered To Your Door?

It seems like I just saw something about another group working on an idea very similar to this…

Delicious, freshly prepared diets delivered right to your door, sounds like a dream doesn’t it? However, The Pure Package may have something that might surprise you.

The Pure Package has inspired the whole diet industry by offering a daily home delivery of their own gourmet delicious meals and snacks, that are tailored to your individual dietary needs and dietary health goals.

Who Else Wants Diets Delivered To Your Door?

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One Response to “Who Else Wants Diets Delivered To Your Door?”

  • guest:

    I checked out the website,it’s in the United Kingdom but it looks great,environmental and all that crap; it would be strictly regional of course and it’s a bit pricey. It looks like it’s on par with a having a Personal Chef who delivers pre-packaged meals everyday. I wonder how successful that would be here once gas goes back up to $3-4 a gallon. I think the days of luxuries like this are over for most of us unfortunately…our disposable in is going to be eaten up by the Obamanomics tax increases and cap & trade. I think you should stick to your original thought of “don’t start a food business now.”
    Hey, maybe DD will glomb onto this “idea” too and S&T will make a gazillion dollars on it.

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