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Hypothetically Speaking

So to play devil’s advocate for a moment, let’s say you had the following hypothetical situation:

You create a company with a simple concept that begins to catch on. Other people latch onto the idea and soon your company is booming. But then you hit a few snags. Problems start to develop in your methods, the economy takes a hit and soon the wheels come off your brilliant idea. Before you know it you have lots of angry people who invested in your idea, but didn’t make any money. Before you can turn around major websites are discussing how your idea failed to live up to expectations. You get taken off their hot sellers list and discussion forums and blogs come alive with all the things you did wrong and warn others about doing business with you. Then you get hit with a massive lawsuit and soon you can’t look up your name in a search engine without seeing all these less than flattering articles. The publicity is bad, you can’t sell more branches of your business, and the other stores in the same industry begin to falter and start to close at an alarming rate.

You devise a brilliant idea. You take your original concept and make some subtle changes and shift the scope of your marketing slightly. The best way to get away from the negative comments is to work on a new name that won’t be associated with the missteps of the past. You regroup and present yourself in a “new and improved” light. People will now look for you under this new name rather than seeing all those previous articles. Maybe when things cool down you can merge the names back together again.

So if you did create a business and things started to go sideways on you do you think this would work to bail you out?

Who Else Wants Diets Delivered To Your Door?

It seems like I just saw something about another group working on an idea very similar to this…

Delicious, freshly prepared diets delivered right to your door, sounds like a dream doesn’t it? However, The Pure Package may have something that might surprise you.

The Pure Package has inspired the whole diet industry by offering a daily home delivery of their own gourmet delicious meals and snacks, that are tailored to your individual dietary needs and dietary health goals.

Who Else Wants Diets Delivered To Your Door?

Chocolate lovers needed for study

Don’t all rush out at once and sign up! :)

Sweet-toothed volunteers have been called on to eat chocolate to understand its effects on heart disease.

Chocolate lovers needed for study

Eating Out Is Top Luxury Americans Are Willing To Give Up

If you’re an entrepreneur thinking about opening a new restaurant, right now is one of the worst times for that business. As I wrote in my list of overrated businesses, restaurants are always tough, but that’s especially true in a recession. Here’s some evidence about just how bad it is: Forbes just published a list of the top things Americans are willing to give up. It’s based on a consumer survey by GfK Custom Research.

Eating Out Is Top Luxury Americans Are Willing To Give Up

The 19 worst drive-thru foods in America

Want to know why fast food is bad for you? Just check out some of these offerings! Eating a few cheeseburgers out every week may way more detrimental than you think. Topping the charts is the Worst Cheeseburger:

Hardee’s Monster Thickburger
1,420 calories

A day’s worth of calories in a single meal. Or how about this waist expanding offering:

Carl’s Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger
with Medium Natural Cut Fries and 32 oz Coke
2,618 calories

Having that for lunch would be more calories than you should have for the entire day, plus if you actually eat a 600 calories breakfast and a 1,000 dinner (which would be typical) you would consume over 4,200 calories in a single day. If you did this 3 times a week you would be gaining weight at about 3 pounds per week. This is the diet for you if you want to be a Sumo Wrestler.

Fast food may be convenient, but you’ll be paying for it in other ways!

If you think the kids meals are better, think again:

Burger King Kids Double Cheeseburger and Kids Fries with Small Coke
950 calories
42 g fat (17 g saturated fat, 4.5 g trans fats)
1,410 mg sodium

This should make you think twice before heading to the drive through.

Drive-thru foods may be convenient and easy on the wallet, but they’re loaded with unhealthy fats, added sugars, carbohydrates, and sodium. Translation: They’re no bargain when it comes to your health.

The 19 worst drive-thru foods in America

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