Make & Take = Done & Gone = Dead & Buried

MAKE & TAKE GOURMET: Flagship Cicero Store Closes

I guess Michele will have a hard time blaming this one on the store owners. Another franchise packs up and heads home. But before they go, let’s not forget that Michele and her brand are still the targets of lawsuits from franchisees claiming fraud. Not to mention the Maryland Attorney General is also a little concerned about Make & Take Gourmet and whether they were legally allowed to sell their franchise.

It’s not a bad business model, or greed, or incompetence or mismanagement, or fraud, now it’s all the bad economy. Sharks circling because there’s blood in the water? Walls closing in? Legal fees nipping at your heels? Packing up and making a run for it like a couple other franchisors?

Spin it however you want, but out of business and facing legal charges is out of business and facing legal charges. We’ll just go ahead and add Michele to the list of closed franchises.

But before you read this final farewell, you should prepare yourself and get a tissue, it’s a sad story and a real tearjerker.

Dear Friends,
It is with much sadness that I announce that the Make and Take Gourmet store in Cicero is closing. We have really enjoyed helping you feed your families.
Unfortunately, tough economic times and rising costs have made it impossible for us to continue doing business. It was a difficult decision and not one that we wanted to have to make.
Saturday, March 28th will be our last day. Stop by and fill up your freezers with our Buy 2 Get 1 Free Blowout Event.
Thank you for all of your support over the last three years. We will miss you!

Done and DONE!

MAKE & TAKE GOURMET: Flagship Closes : Franchise Pick
MAKE & TAKE GOURMET: Flagship Cicero Store Closes

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2 Responses to “Make & Take = Done & Gone = Dead & Buried”

  • guest:

    Yeah well, “so long been good to snow ya!”
    Mee-shell-my belle

  • The Chef:

    Michelle was a promoter, that’s for sure. And a partier. You could just tell that this thing was all about opportunity, and not about a fundamental business model with a real plan.


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