Happy New Year!!

It’s been a turbulent year full of ups and downs. It was easy to see some of the problems coming, while others seemed to come sideswiping in. Lawsuits, business closings, sky rocketing gas prices and outrageous food prices were somewhat expected, but this economy and the full depth of the slowdown have been more than anticipated.

But today we can put some of that behind us and look ahead to what the New Year brings. Hopefully it will bring new accomplishments or swift resolutions to your issues. Hopefully it will bring financial gains or at least minimal loses. If nothing else, I hope it puts you another step closer to your goal.

For me it’s been a positive year. I’ve had a great holiday, enjoyed the company of my family, accomplished a great deal at work, and focused on a lot of personal projects. I have a lot of things planned for 2009. There are new projects at work that will keep me busy and needed for the foreseeable future. There are lots of tasks to accomplish around the house, especially cleaning out that basement! And there are lots of places I want to visit over the summer.

Now whether I get to any of these or not is a different story, but at least I have a few things in mind. And let’s not forget a few changes I plan on making around here.

But for now, let the festivities begin! Its dinner and drinks for me tonight. Time to reflect on what was good over the past year and pause for a moment or two to learn from the mistakes.

I wish you all a wonderful and safe New Year and hope that even if things aren’t quite going the way you plan or expected, you can at least set that aside for the short term and look to the new opportunities ahead. It’s a day to wipe the slate clean, to forge ahead with all new expectations and opportunities. It’s a time to start over and give yourself a second chance. Seize the moment at what starting anew has to offer.

Wherever you are I wish you best and here’s to a wonderful New Year!!

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