Another Fifteen Franchisees Sue Dream Dinners Attorneys

SNOHOMISH, Wash. (Blue MauMau) – Fifteen Dream Dinners franchise owners are suing the attorneys of the meal-assembly franchisor. The suit claims that the attorneys failed to comply with franchise laws in preparing the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (called Franchise Disclosure Documents after June 2008). It also stipulates that franchisor’s lawyers helped oversee Dream Dinners’ misleading sales process with potential buyers. Lead attorney John R. Bender, Jr. of Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, originally working with the prestigious law firm of Holland & Knight, is accused of breaching his duty to prospective franchise owners by not ensuring that the disclosure information he received from Dream Dinners matched other written sales representations. As a result, he and the two law firms are included in the franchisees’ original lawsuit against the company and its officers.

Claims of State Law Violations

Because the fifteen franchisees are from various states, the amended complaints assert violations of different states’ franchise laws. It also names which law firms were involved in the sale of franchises, depending on when the individual franchisees made their purchases. Other claims against Dream Dinners include common law fraud, negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract, and negligence of defendant attorneys. Plaintiff franchisees are requesting a jury trial and seeking rescission of their franchise agreements. Those still in operation will continue to operate their meal-preparation centers and pay royalties. Franchise operators are asking for damages, fees, interest and other costs.

Read more about this new round of lawsuits here:

Another Fifteen Franchisees Sue Dream Dinners Attorneys

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2 Responses to “Another Fifteen Franchisees Sue Dream Dinners Attorneys”

  • Ex DDer:

    I thought DD’s attorneys are from the law firm of Dewey, Screwum and Howe.

  • Back to Normal:

    I have a question regarding the lawsuits filed in Washington State. I am a former California owner. I wrote the attorneys representing the Plaintiff’s in Washington and asked the Attorneys if they would be willing to represent any California owners. I never received a response. I am presently shopping around for a good Franchise Litigation attorney in California. I am curious if any other California former-owners are interested in filing a lawsuit against DD similar to those in Washington State. Why should California owners be left out?

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