Cash-strapped consumers turning their backs on meal-prep businesses

Oh my is this validation and support of my thoughts on meal assembly?

And once again here is more backpedaling and changing stats to meet the needs of an article:

“People who opened these businesses thought it was going to be easier to explain and generate awareness than it actually was,” said Bert Vermeulen, Easy Meal Prep’s leader. “Awareness remains a challenge for the industry, and there were some franchises that were weak in terms of supporting their franchisees.”

Between 2003 and 2006, meal prep was a red-hot franchise category, with industry revenue doubling each year, Vermeulen said. Industry-wide, revenue is expected to remain flat this year at $370 million, though that will be spread over fewer stores.

I thought the industry was going to be fine and still make over $400 million for the year? From just the other day we got this from the all knowing Easy Meal Prep association.

today the meal-prep industry is a $370-million business, expected to increase to $410 million by the end of 2009, according to The Easy Meal Prep Co”.

Oh Bert, you really do just make this crap up while you’re sitting in front of the TV don’t you? Now you’ve downgraded your projections by $40 million? And I wonder who was telling them it was going to be easier than it actually was; it couldn’t possibly be those associations who were selling them recipes and store opening planners was it?

Not so long ago, time-strapped moms warmed up to meal-preparation businesses — visiting for a couple of hours to assemble several weeks’ worth of healthful dinners for their families at about $25 per entree.

But now that many people find money is more of a problem than time, and with so many franchises competing for business, the industry has struggled.

With a glut of outlets and standard prices often higher than restaurant takeout, franchisees across the country are feeling the pinch, and some are closing.

Losing their appetite

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One Response to “Cash-strapped consumers turning their backs on meal-prep businesses”

  • j beverly:

    recently discovered dream dinners in lansing, michigan. what a concept. we find it convenient, easy, affordable and delicious. i am an accomplished cook and have high expectations, but no time.

    my concern is it will go out of business. the location in lansing is hard to find and the name is not visible in the community. customers need to be educated to this concept and price point. although it is a good amount of money up front over all we save money; after the first few visits the money is no sacrifice at all. according to what i’ve read they have piggly wiggly and other sources behind them so what is the problem with visibility and accessability? yes, times are hard but there is enough stable incomes and dollars to support this business.

    what about the oprah show, womens magazines, working with local physical fitness groups. right here in east lansing we have the michigan athletic club, m.a.c. and some of the best trainers and fitness guru’s in the business. if people can afford the m.a.c. they can afford dream meals.

    i’ve just sent e-mails to 4 young families who should avail themselves of this servic.

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