Why aren’t there more lawsuits?

As I’ve been looking over the events of the last year, I really have to wonder why there aren’t more lawsuits being filed. Considering Super Suppers has copied just about everything Dream Dinners has done, including over saturating markets and selling a plan doesn’t make money, why aren’t they being held accountable for the goods they’ve sold to owners just like Dream Dinners is? They have changed their business model numerous times to try and make something work – which clearly shows to me the idea was sold prematurely. And now it’s seems a free for all has broken out with the owners just running the store in any way they choose, picking menus as they see fit and basically running their operation like an independent owner, but still paying those hefty franchise fees.

Shouldn’t there be something in the contract to make sure that Judie is putting in as much time making Super Suppers a success as she puts into her culinary school? And what about national advertising? Did Super Suppers meet all its obligations regarding spending that marketing money to reach the largest possible audience? Almost everyone agrees that lack of awareness is the biggest hurdle to meal assembly so did Super Suppers and all the other franchises for that matter do everything they could to counteract that?

Why aren’t independent owners who bought into the nonsense that the Easy Meal Prep Association has been selling doing something about the goods they were sold? Were any checks done to make sure the business plan they sold would actually work? Was any guidance offered to make sure owners had some sort of prerequisite experience and financial backing to make sure they would actually have a chance at success?

Further, what about all those completely misguided and off the mark figures that the EMPA keeps spewing? Not a single one of them has been remotely accurate. It would seem to me that providing false information about a business you’re trying to sell isn’t exactly above board. Seems like projecting sales into the billions of dollars when there is no realistic way to actually achieve those numbers is about the same as the false promises that Dream Dinners is accused of shelling out. The main difference here is that we can all see where the EMPA made up figures, revised them, made up some more figures, revised them, took another stab in the dark and revised those numbers. All of this without supplying a single shred of information on where these numbers came from. If you’re going to proclaim yourself as the head of an industry and start showing sales figures and stores sold, shouldn’t you explain how you calculated those numbers? Otherwise it looks like you just made the numbers up off the top of your head so you could sell your meal assembly playbook.

Super Suppers, EMPA and plenty of others are far from innocent when it comes to providing information that was less than accurate to owners. They did whatever it took to line their pockets with money. Considering their numerous misdeeds it’s hard to understand how they don’t have legal action filed against them.

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4 Responses to “Why aren’t there more lawsuits?”

  • Geoffrey Donovan:

    It takes money and standing to sue. Bankrupt people have neither.

  • guest:

    I would venture to say that most people are broke and tired. They just want to be free of it all.

  • Uh, because it is pointless to sue, unless you are sure that the defendant has money to pay the judgment.

  • Back to Normal:

    I have a question regarding the lawsuits filed in Washington State. I am a former California owner. I wrote the attorneys representing the Plaintiff’s in Washington and asked the Attorneys if they would be willing to represent any California owners. I never received a response. I am presently shopping around for a good Franchise Litigation attorney in California. I am curious if any other California former-owners are interested in filing a lawsuit against DD similar to those in Washington State. Why should California owners be left out?

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