Financially Sound?

With the year coming to a close I would really like to hear how owners are doing from a financial perspective. Has your store made you a profit and you head into the New Year with solid financial backing and a plan to weather the economic drought that is almost sure to ensue?

Or has the economic conditions been less than favorable to you? Have you come up short for the year, with customer attendance not quite up to the levels you’d hoped for? Is more money going out than coming in? Are you going to going to give 2009 a shot and hope for the best or will 2008 be your final stand?

If nothing else I would like to see a tally of whether people are on solid or shaky financial ground. It would enlightening to hear what owners are planning to do for 2009.

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2 Responses to “Financially Sound?”

  • With the survey over it’s no real shocker to know that over 80% who responded were having financial trouble. I’m sure it’s because they didn’t work their store, or didn’t understand their demographic or didn’t understand how to advertise effectively in their area. Well, that’s what the corporate office will say of the situation. But regardless of that, franchisors enjoy a great relationship with their owners.

    Now if we go out on a limb and say that this little survey represents the majority situation for owners across the country, it seems like you could make the case that 70%-80% of the current stores are on the verge of closing within the next three to six months.

  • bru:

    Along with paying ourselves a small salary, our independent company is turning a profit. We look to 2009 as being even better than ’08 as we will be providing assembled meals to a franchisee recently turned independent (because of the recent corporate shutdown) who is choosing to sell our product to their customer base.

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