Dinner prep services feed busy families

It’s interesting to note the pieces left out of these stats. I’ve seen stats showing prep kitchens as high as 2,000 and the income reported was significantly over $270 million. I guess they just don’t want to show the real decline that has been going on in that revenue has dropped by more than half and half the meal assembly stores across the country have closed.

It seems like once again the real story isn’t coming out to try and sell this idea to the public one more time.

According to the Easy Meal Prep Association, meal assembly outlets grew from 566 at the beginning of 2006 to more than 1,400 locations at the end of 2007. Two years ago, the association reported the meal preparation industry took in some $270 million.

This year, the number of outlets dropped to 1,066. Industry officials blamed the economy, but said they aren’t worried. Bert Verneulen, owner of the Cheyenne, Wy.-based Easy Meal Prep Co., said people will continue to find other places to buy pre-assembled meals because they don’t want to “cook from scratch.”

Dinner prep services feed busy families

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