Cole serves up fresh dinners for families on the go

Good luck to the owner and let’s hope it’s a success, but when you read this article it’s almost word for word the same as hundreds of articles that came out 2 years ago about how meal assembly was going to change everything about the way families ate dinner.

It’s also interesting to note that her original franchise was Entree Vous…

Does meal time with your family resemble a melee of fast food in the back of your SUV as burgers are launched in search of hungry targets, amidst a french-fry frenzy while you are trying to drive from soccer practice to dance lessons?

In today’s fast-paced world jam-packed with activities and errands, many families eat a lot of their meals on the go, literally. One woman, a Hertford attorney, has set out to do something that might change that reality for some families.

“You have so many parents, mothers especially, who feel guilty,” explains Janice Cole. “They’re buying the kids fast food because there is nothing else for them to do at that hour and in the small amount of time that they have.”

Honestly, it’s phrases like this that really scare me:

To help remedy what many agree is a growing epidemic, Cole has opened a meal assembly kitchen in hopes of bringing families back together at the dinner table.

“When I saw this concept, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. It made so much sense to me,” says Cole.

Cole serves up fresh dinners for families on the go

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