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Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you’re traveling over the break I hope you arrive and return safely and spend a joyous time with family and friends. I’m already elbow deep in the holiday preparations and loving it! It hasn’t exactly been the best of years, certainly many things could have been better, but at the same time I take stock in the simple pleasures and rewards; a roof over my head, a job with great people, support of my family and the enjoyment of friends.

I still have a lot to be thankful for and I hope you do to. I wish you all a wonderful break and hope your time away is filled with peace and happiness!


Dinner prep services feed busy families

It’s interesting to note the pieces left out of these stats. I’ve seen stats showing prep kitchens as high as 2,000 and the income reported was significantly over $270 million. I guess they just don’t want to show the real decline that has been going on in that revenue has dropped by more than half and half the meal assembly stores across the country have closed.

It seems like once again the real story isn’t coming out to try and sell this idea to the public one more time.

According to the Easy Meal Prep Association, meal assembly outlets grew from 566 at the beginning of 2006 to more than 1,400 locations at the end of 2007. Two years ago, the association reported the meal preparation industry took in some $270 million.

This year, the number of outlets dropped to 1,066. Industry officials blamed the economy, but said they aren’t worried. Bert Verneulen, owner of the Cheyenne, Wy.-based Easy Meal Prep Co., said people will continue to find other places to buy pre-assembled meals because they don’t want to “cook from scratch.”

Dinner prep services feed busy families

Cole serves up fresh dinners for families on the go

Good luck to the owner and let’s hope it’s a success, but when you read this article it’s almost word for word the same as hundreds of articles that came out 2 years ago about how meal assembly was going to change everything about the way families ate dinner.

It’s also interesting to note that her original franchise was Entree Vous…

Does meal time with your family resemble a melee of fast food in the back of your SUV as burgers are launched in search of hungry targets, amidst a french-fry frenzy while you are trying to drive from soccer practice to dance lessons?

In today’s fast-paced world jam-packed with activities and errands, many families eat a lot of their meals on the go, literally. One woman, a Hertford attorney, has set out to do something that might change that reality for some families.

“You have so many parents, mothers especially, who feel guilty,” explains Janice Cole. “They’re buying the kids fast food because there is nothing else for them to do at that hour and in the small amount of time that they have.”

Honestly, it’s phrases like this that really scare me:

To help remedy what many agree is a growing epidemic, Cole has opened a meal assembly kitchen in hopes of bringing families back together at the dinner table.

“When I saw this concept, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. It made so much sense to me,” says Cole.

Cole serves up fresh dinners for families on the go

Costs Could Thwart Home-Cooking Trend

U.S. consumers will pay 6 percent more this year to prepare a classic Thanksgiving dinner, reports United Press International (UPI). In a news release, Purdue University agricultural economist Corinne Alexander told UPI that higher food prices reflect the higher energy costs being absorbed by retailers.

While market research firms noticed a national trend of people preparing food at home to save money in recent months, home cooks could be deterred by higher prices on even the most basic of Thanksgiving Day dinner items. The Washington Post provides an item-by-item breakdown; a pound of peas is 12 cents more than last year, and a 16-pound turkey is up $1.46, for example.

Costs Could Thwart Home-Cooking Trend

Lemons to lemonade

Leanne Deister, owner of Supper Solutions, Inc. meal assembly kitchens is our next “lemons to lemonade” feature. Leanne, mother of a son, nine and a daughter, six, started the company in 2003. She has used these rough economic times to make her franchise of kitchens into a unique business within the meal assembly industry.

To bring back customers who are trying to save money, Leanne has added extras like Social Saturdays with food sampling, different specials, and no pre-scheduling necessary. She is also starting programs like business lunch catering, Suppers To Go parties where she drops off meals for a group of people at a designated location with no assembly charge and more. Here is her story…

Lemons to lemonade feature #4: Leanne Deister

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