All the meal prep deals are trash

Richard Solomon of had this interesting comment to make about the meal prep business. (As left of

Over a dozen meal prep victims have called me. None has money to pay for representation. They’re all broke. Unfortunately, the franchisors are apparently judgment proof, so it’s not likely anyone will represent them on a contingent fee.

And ti think that they could all have avoided the losses for about $ 3,500 a piece had they only hired me to help them vet the deal before they bet the farm.

FranWads never learn! You don’t have to lose everything you have in the world on stupid investments if you get the right representation before you sign on to the scam.—

Which leads me into this little gem left by Darin about the Dream Dinner’s attorneys being sued for helping Dream Dinners perpetuate their false claims.

“The current litigation involves less than 10% of our franchisees”. So clearly being sued by only 10% of your owners is something to be proud of, perhaps it’s even something you should just shrug off and not worry about. It’s likely that 50 to even 60% of the owners have lost their life’s savings and everything they own, but since only 10% can actually do something about it, then it’s nothing to worry, just business as usual. Glorifying God through the sales of Dream Dinners franchises is much more important.

But, as Richard suggests, would that number be exponentially higher if those bankrupt owners actually had the money to take action? Should Darin and Dream Dinners feel lucky that owners have lost their life savings and simply can’t afford to seek action?

And if Dream Dinners looks forward to vigorously defending themselves again these claims, why has this case been dragging on for nearly a year now? Get on with the defending and vindicate yourselves! Put to rest these allegations that you have repeatedly lied about earnings and scammed people out of millions of dollars. Set the record straight and prove that those owners have no merit in making their outrageous claims that you are charlatans and snake oil salesmen. Let everyone know that owning a Dream Dinners franchise is buying into a system that has been proven to make money and following the model will not only reap financial rewards but community involved and perhaps even spiritual enlightenment. Show us all the Dream Dinners is a company that can stand up to the competition and that you are heavily invested in marketing and promoting each and every store in every city you have them. Don’t be shy in defending your stance that when you list a store as temporarily closed you have a method and process for finding a new anxious owner quickly and efficiently.

Considering how fiscally responsible the company is, and they only have the best and brightest in their field working within the ranks of the corporate office you should be demanding to go into court and put to rest all these claims.

I know we’re all anxious to see it!

By the way, has anyone truly investigated that whole borrowing money from the charity affair? Taking money from charities, that’s doing God’s work, right?

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One Response to “All the meal prep deals are trash”

  • SuperSupersCustomer:

    Here is a question… how many of these people did market research propr to going into business?

    I know one of the Dream Dinner littigants is in Springfield, OH… ok, lived inn OH all my life until we moved to NJ. ANd, while I’m the first to state that NJ is provincial compared to Columbus, Cleveland, or Cin. (honest… I call it living edge of civilization.), I have to wonder why anyone thought the concept would work in Springfield.

    I do think you need a large population of suburban/urban professionals.

    I see this concept working really well in the city, where appartment, and kitchen space, is so small, with smaller portions because people use public transportation or taxis, but only for a place that already has a viable business such as a restaurant… a great add on to a restaurant, grocery store, etc.

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