Dream Dinners CEO comments on updated lawsuit

There is certainly nothing unexpected in this comment, but the one thing to note is the number of stores Dream Dinners claims they currently open. Their 180 stores figure is certainly down from the nearly 240 stores they have previously said are open.

And I wonder how many of those supposed 180 store owners enjoy an excellent relationship with Dream Dinners?

Dream Dinners is proud of the excellent relationship it enjoys with its 180 franchisees. We are the industry leader because they are hard-working, innovative and loyal. The current litigation involves less than 10% of our franchisees and we obviously cannot comment on the specifics of the allegations of a few disgruntled former franchisees. We look forward to vigorously defending against their allegations in a court of law and expect to prevail on the merits.

Dream Dinners CEO Responds to Latest Litigation

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7 Responses to “Dream Dinners CEO comments on updated lawsuit”

  • guest:

    Dream Dinners Does not have 180 stores. I have taken the time to count and call each store. What I have in front of me is 135 stores that are open. All are struggling to survive.

    A year ago, Dream Dinners quoted as having 280 franchise’ Today, Darin Leonard quotes 180. What happend to the 100 stores that have closed? Its a blood-bath….Owners can’t be happy!

    Why continue to be dishonest about the present 45 stores that have closed since August?????

    Dream Dinners, Inc. Is the leader of Dishonesty, Disgrace & Disfunction!

  • I can’t say I agree with the 180 store figure either. From all the stores I’ve seen for sale and the comments from owners that pepper the forum, it sounds like far too many stores have closed for Dream Dinners to have 180 left open. However, we all know that Dream Dinners is certainly creative when it comes to the way they count stores. There is no doubt they count stores which have been “temporarily closed” for the last year among their ranks. It wouldn’t surprise me if they included stores where they simply sold the franchise rights but the owner never actually opened the store (or sobered up and pulled out before they lost any more money) or stores under construction but have yet to accept a customer.

    And it would also be hard to believe that Dream Dinners has 180 stores still open if Super Suppers is limping along with a mere 120. I just don’t see that big of a gap as being realistic. Their numbers have always been pretty close so it seems out of character for Dream Dinners to be so far out in front. Dream Dinners isn’t doing that well.

    But let’s just go out on a limb and for the sake of argument say that those at the helm of Dream Dinners aren’t lying or playing funny with the numbers and that they do have 180 stores open, where did the rest of the stores go? (If you do a search of temporarily closed stores, plenty of results still come back – and some interesting domain names too)

    Again, how many of those are “temporarily closed”?
    How many of those 180 stores are paying royalties?
    How many of those owners aren’t in danger of filing bankruptcy?
    How many of those 180 stores are paying themselves a salary equivalent to $40k a year?

  • Guest:

    Do you think that John Antonelli, wherever he is, is still drinking the Kool-Aid? I think the rest of us, at this point, are just drinking…heavily. Just kidding.

  • frieda foodie:

    With all of the lawsuit business I am just wondering why nobody has brought about a lawsuit against Super Suppers, Lets Dish, etc….

    Is there another website that trashes the other meal assembly competitors? Because no matter what is said here it always comes back to Dream Dinners as the focus.

    It is almost as if you are some disgruntled owner that has a big chip for dream dinners.

    At some point in time this website had good information now it seems to be the reporting rag of the bitch and famous north of Seattle.

    What ever happened to the group that was offering salvation if you only went over to the other side? Where is Mindy and her band of chefs?

    Just curious.


  • I have no idea why a slew of lawsuits haven’t been filed against Super Supper. There could be a bunch of different reasons for that. Perhaps Super Suppers isn’t that bad, they are trying to work things out with their owners or the owners are just too flat broke to do anything about their situation. I’m surprised there aren’t lawsuits against every meal assembly kitchen out there and certain associations.

    The focus on Dream Dinners is easy to explain, they keep appearing in the news. There has been no information written about Super Suppers or other companies in weeks, bordering on months. Even the buyout of Entrée Vous by Super Suppers got barely a mention, but even that showed up here as news for those who might be interested. Maybe they will offer up a press release next year sometime. You can take the silence as a good or a bad thing, but the news of meal assembly in general has all but died off. I see that as a complete loss of interest in the business and industry as a whole. These recent articles appeared on BlueMauMau and were written completely independently. I simply chose to post those and make comments regarding the information presented.

    The days of MA are numbered. The number of stores left is less than half of what it was 2 years ago. Owners are packing up and closing shop. Customers are still no more educated about the process than they were 4 years ago. I don’t think there are many owners left and of those, they are scrambling to try and make things work or contacting bankruptcy attorneys. My guess is they are busy with the details of closing down.

    Honestly, I could care less about Dream Dinners as a company. They seem to get more “air time” simply because they find themselves at the center of attention on other sites and in other articles. Further, they seem to give out contradictory information with great regularity and comments that are less than complimentary about their owners. When you keep doing things like that, people are going to comment.

  • frieda foodie:

    Just one more question… what happened to the group offering salvation and what was their website address? Mindy was involved and some other person out of Chicago?


  • […] While the numbers were never truly confirmed, for the sake of argument let’s say each company had 210 stores in their flock. Dream Dinners is now showing less than 140 as being open, while Super Suppers has dropped to a mere 64 stores still open. And just to use my poking stick, Dream Dinners has lost 40 stores since Darin made his bold claim they still had 180 open! […]

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